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The romantic gift of gin

The romantic gift of gin

Get your significant other in a loving mood with a romantic gesture to show them they are the Gin to your Tonic. Celebrate their impeccable tastes and breezy spirit with their favorite gin and these thoughtful gin gift sets and gadgets.

The classic


While twists and modern takes are cute, nothing ever compares to the classic. Make them the ultimate romantic gift hamper with a Gin-uine twist. Add a bottle of their favorite gin, a selection of their favorite garnishes and it’s a gin lover’s dream come true. Pick a limited edition bottling of gin to add a special touch. Along with this, you can gift them a selection of dried garnishes like – Rosemary, dried raspberries and dried oranges - this will add that extra personalized touch to your gift.

Tasting experience


Book a guided gin tasting experience with a club or your favorite bar for the both of you to truly savor and hero their choice drink. London dry, Old Tom, Plymouth, Genever and International style, there are many varieties to savor. But if they are cocktail enthusiasts, be sure to explore the tonic variants as well. While Indian tonic waters, with its distinctive quinine flavor is still the popular choice, there are a lot more options available in the market today. Flavored tonics ranging from elderflower to Mediterranean herb infusions to pink pepper tonics. Pick up a gin tasting set and an assorted case of premium artisanal tonics or small-batch tonic syrups as your gift to have an at home experience of self-exploration.

DIY Gin and Tonic


Make it personal and gift them something they can’t buy. Craft your own gin and tonic with a DIY kit to serve them. Even better, craft the drink together as a shared experience. Pick a complete set with spices and herbs, juniper berries, sweeteners, funnel, strainers and corked bottles, along with the recipe card.  Add a choice bottle of vodka, like Smirnoff No.21, and you’ll be sipping on a small-batch golden gin in just 36 hours. Get a DIY tonic set with citric acid, cinchona, lemongrass, gentian root and allspice berries to make it an all from scratch drink experience.

Cocktail Infusion kit


This can be a perfect gift for gin lovers as this will help the gin lovers start off with botanical infusions at home (if they haven’t already). They will also have the opportunity to make their own craft cocktails easily at home. Cocktail infusion kit would be a super helpful gift for gin lovers because it will help them relish really delicious cocktails without having to step out

Copa De Balon

Copa de Balon

Pull a coupe on your rocks and highball glasses with a set of beautifully crafted Copa de Balon. Once they enjoy the trapped aromas inside these glasses that keep their drink cooler for longer, they'll be giving you heart eyes every time they sip gin. Especially designed for Gin, pick a dishwasher safe set of these stemmed beauties for your lover so that they can assert their ‘Gin-connoisseur’ title with future guests with ease. Nick and Nora glasses can also be a good alternative as they are a deeper variant of the Copa. Gift it with some beautiful glass or gold-plated stainless-steel stirrers to make their much-loved gin and tonic.

Add a cocktail atomizer and some aromatic bitters to the set to up the ante. The trick up the bartender’s sleeve, a spray of the cocktail atomizer is that element of flair and finesse that differentiates homemade cocktails from bar versions. While the in-and-out method and rinsing the glass are alternative methods for this, they don't create the same aromatic effect of the atomizer. Spritzing a bit of bitters or tinctures over a finished drink let's it float over the cocktail, closer to the nose. This enhances the drinking experience better than mixing the element into the drink. With these perfect Gin gifts, every drink your partner makes is going to be as sumptuous as them.