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Sophisticated whisky gifts for your loved ones

Sophisticated whisky gifts for your loved ones

Whisky lovers are fairly easy to please if you know how to pick a decent dram. A good pick for most budgets and they make for thoughtful presents. But if you want to take it up a notch and add some spice in your choices, here are some sophisticated yet practical whisky themed gifts that’ll get your loved ones jumping up and down for joy.

For the newbie bartender


For the new enthusiast, or for the one who’s just set a new home bar, a good bartender set is a great option. Chances are they haven’t yet invested in one or if they have, then they’ll still appreciate a second set when they throw their next cocktail party. While a basic three piece set with shaker, jigger and stirrer could do, go for the classic 12 piece set complete with a Hawthorne strainer, julep strainer, mesh conical strainer, muddler, corkscrew opener, ice tongs, liquor pourers and a neat little stand to hold the little tools elegantly. Pick a classic high-grade stainless-steel set that is dishwasher friendly for durability and timeless appeal.

For the cocktail lover

Cocktail Lover

Give the cocktail enthusiasts in your life a bartender’s book or cocktail book and fan their obsession to greater heights. Pick something that’ll look stunning on the coffee table but also has a good range of easy-peasy recipes that they can learn to do at home with basic equipment. Getting a version that does deep dives into the history and nuances of the drinks can make for a better read and earn it a proud and treasured place on the mixologist’s bookshelf. Better yet, pick an informative whisky guide that details history, types, flavours and the landmark events that led to the making of the whiskies we know of today. This will also help in toning their palate and becoming more aware of their own choices and preferences. They’ll also act as a definitive guide for all future whisky purchases.

Budget option


Sphere ice and whisky get on like a house on fire. Yet, spherical moulds are rarely the first pick for most people as it’s often viewed as specialised. But sphere ice or ice balls makes for the perfect choice as they melt slower keeping the drinks from getting diluted too much, while keeping it cool for longer. They also serve as garnish themselves, elevating the look of the drink to give it an added sophistication. Cheap to buy, gift a pair of spherical ice moulds to help your whisky-enthusiast up their drink game.

Bitter-sweet extras


Simple syrups to grenadine, amaretto to vermouth and a plethora of bitters and specialized garnishes . . . Make your gift a compliment to your whisky lover’s exceptional spirits and gift them some of these bitter-sweet somethings to play with. Aromatic bitters, simple syrups and Maraschino cherries make for a good set for beginners. For the well-versed with a fully stocked bar, opt for something unique and rare like truffle or sriracha bitters, green tea syrups and squid ink. The best part is you have so many options to play with that an assortment of these syrups, liqueurs and bitters would make for an exciting gift that’s easy to pick out and would be much loved.

Get stoned


For the purists who believe in sipping their whisky straight, whisky stones are a god send. They help keep drinks cooler longer and doesn’t dilute the dram like ice. What’s better? The beautiful visual appeal these stones provide! Pick a set of mid-sized granite stones for those who enjoy variety in their drinking game as these can fit all types of glasses from old-fashioned to highballs. For a cooler and dramatic effect pick one of the fancier soapstone versions or metal one available in every shape from bullets to grenades to t-rex skulls. Or get solid-gold ones and savour the Richie Rich vibes! Add in a glass whisky water dropper for your whisky snob to make it an elevated set. The dropper helps to carefully add a few drops of water to open-up the drink and ups the wow factor while doing it. It also eliminates the risk of accidentally spills and overdiluting the drink.


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