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Guide to gifting whisky

Guide to gifting whisky

Chances are your whisky drinker, even the newbies, are whisky snobs. It’s true. For a drink so entrenched in history and such a complex and poetic characteristic, it’s hardly any wonder. From the water that runs through the peat bogs of Islay, to the molasses based Indian malt and the delicate floral cask character of Japanese Oak barrels, every element of the process, including the type of yeast used, makes for a difference in flavour. But finding a thoughtful gift for your whisky enthusiasts need not be as complex as their favourite drink. Check out our whisky gifting guide to make sure you pick a gift for your loved ones that’s as perfect as them.

Dram! Just gift one!


The simplest and easiest way to please your whisky lover? Gift a bottle of their favourite tipper. Or better yet, see what they drink most often and upgrade to the next level in the same brand. Chances are, you’ll be giving them that bottle they’ve been eyeing forever. Don’t know their brand of choice? Go for a popular aged scotch-whisky like the Talisker 12-year-old Single Malt that’s sure to please everyone. The distinct peaty dried fruit notes of this Islay whisky are a fan favourite.

Rare treasures


For a luxurious gift, splurge on a limited-edition bottle like the Singleton of Glendullan 19 years old from the Legends Untold collection. Featuring Speyside cask strength single malt whisky, each bottle label is crafted by digital illustrator Ken Taylor and references stories about the distilleries from Scottish isles by tying them with legends of mythical creatures. The stories can be accessed via a QR code on the bottles. Alternatively pick the first bottles of a new distillery for its historical significance or a special edition bottling from a celebrated distillery. Another option, if you are commemorating an event, like an anniversary or birthday, is to gift a bottle produced in the year of the event to make it personal. Be sure to pick out two bottles of whatever drink you choose- one for drinking and one for collecting.

Monogram it



Everyone appreciates good glassware. It’s practical, tasteful and a safe pick for most occasions. Pick a high-quality crystal glass set and give it that personalised touch by monograming initials on them. While traditionally whisky is served in cut-glass crystal glasses called old-fashioned or rocks glasses, snifters and nosing copitas are also good options. For those that enjoy cocktails, a Highball glass is also a good pick. Pair your glassware with a good bottle of whisky to pour in them and pick one of the monogrammed drink and glassware gift sets from their favourite brand of whisky. Some brands like Johnnie Walker even let you create bespoke bottles with personalised message engravings on the bottle (Blue Label) and personalised photo labels (Green and Gold Labels).

Tasting sets


Gift the experience of exploration with a tasting set from their favourite brands or styles. Pick a set of spirits from the same distillery, same region or a single brand to compare and contrast in one mini package. This will help the newbie whisky aficionados hone their palate and they’ll thank you for it. This is especially a good choice if you are not sure of their drink preference, since chances of them enjoying at least some of the drinks, if not all, is higher than gifting a single bottle. Create your own tasting set or pick from curated set depending on your preference.

Gift them time!


Share the love for Whiskies? Book a tasting session at your favourite bar and gift them the joy of your company. Explore the myriad flavours of good whiskies from Speyside to Islay to Lowlands and even across the world with Japanese whiskies and Bourbons in one sitting, guided by your bartender. Or go all out and book a whisky tour in the whisky haven of Scotland, exploring the history of the different regions with a guided tour. Visit distilleries, learn the history of your favourite drinks and explore pairings, all while enjoying a well-deserved holiday. You can do the same in the whisky distilleries of your own country to explore and understand the local flavours and the factors that define them better for a more localised tour.