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5 must have brands for your home bar this festive season

5 must have brands for your home bar this festive season

The winter months are incoming and that means so is the festive season and there’s no cozier way to spend your time than by the bar. Enthusiasts with a home bar will find that they want to spruce it up for the festive season. Whether it be adding a few new exquisite bottles or adding to the equipment to help make fancier drinks your home bar definitely needs to be well stocked for what's coming.

The home bar acts as a creative stage at soireés and there are many ways to amp up your game and keep your guests entertained. You want to make sure your bar is one that’s good looking before having your guests around. Go all the way and decorate it in a manner that suits the season. You could decorate with a theme in mind, cover it with drapes and even use nice lights around where the bottles are to show off what you've got. You can also have plates studded with various fruits you’re going to need to garnish pretty drinks with. You can get creative with your garnishes by having ingredients like walnuts or grilled pineapples for when you want to make bitter- sweet tipples.  Make sure to have all the equipment you’ll need as well. It’s important that they’re well organised and easy to access so you never keep a guest waiting. A great way to decide what you’ll need is by curating a cocktail menu with your favourite drinks so it's clear what equipment you'll need to keep your home bar free flowing. For instance, if you want to make cocktails, stock up with nice cocktail glasses, stirrers, shakers and mixers. You could also go a little further by adding an ice bucket, tongs and tools to help you measure with so you can make all of your friends favourite cocktails. What’s most important in making your home bar a hit this festive season is definitely the spirits you choose to stock it up with. We’ve put together a few classic whiskies that should help you with making that decision.

Copper Dog:

Copper dog

A vintage whisky that originates from the celebrated Speyside, Copper Dog is a whisky that boasts versatility making it the perfect drink for either a scotch enthusiast or one who likes to dabble with cocktail making. It’s diversity in flavour comes from crisp apples,dried fruit, zesty citrus, vanilla and aromatic spices among other ingredients. Copper Dog is a blend of no less than eight Speyside Single Malts, slowly brought together in oak casks. With ripe fruit aromas and a delicate yet spicy finish it’s a palatable, easy drinking scotch. Named after an item that smugglers would use back in the day to bring whisky home Copper Dog remains to this day a tribute to the Speyside rascals. The emblem was designed by a popular British illustrator  at the time, Hugo Guiness. Adding a bottle of Copper Dog to your bar is like adding a piece of art to it.



A whisky that is enjoyed world over for it’s distinct maritime character, Talisker remains the only single malt from and the pride of the Isle Of Skye. The elements of the island inspire the flavours of Talisker. They have a wide range of powerful single malts born by the sea. All Talsisker have a unique peppery smoke and beneath this smoke lies aromas filled with soft fruit, spice and green moss rise. It’s rich with maritime notes it obtains from seaweed and salt from kippers. All Talisker malts are united by their abundance in character. It’s exquisite taste and packaging makes it a must-have for your home bar.



A whisky that’s enjoyable from the first sip because of its light and fruity character, The Singleton is another top rated Speyside Single Malt Scotch. It’s smoothness and fruitiness is a result of the casks used and a very gentle distillation process.The distillery’s motto which is “Luceo non uro” meaning “ I shine not burn” continue to inspire them today as slow batched distillation remains the priority. They know that taking a little bit longer makes all the difference. Famed for its rich piquant flavours, The Singleton Whisky is best described as a Luscious nectar that's supremely smooth with decadent fruitiness. The Singleton focuses on taste over complexity. It’s an incredibly versatile Single Malt Whisky that’s delicate, light and perfectly balanced making it a great addition to any home bar,

JohnnieWalker Red Label:


No home bar is complete without a bottle of Johnnie Walker in it. The Red Label is a blend that helped introduce Johnnie Walker to the world. It has a bold characterful flavour that shines through even with the use of mixers.Johnnie Walker Red Label is crackling with spice and bursting with vibrant, smoky flavours.There's an undertone of fruity sweetness, like fresh apple or pear and a mellow bed of vanilla, before the signature long Johnnie Walker lingering, smoky finish. Highly versatile and famed world over the Red Label is perfect for parties and get-togethers and should definitely make your list of whiskies to have in your home bar.

JohnnieWalker Black Label:


A true Icon and a must-have for your home bar. Johnnie Walker Black Label is truly a benchmark for deluxe blends. Created using whiskies from four corners of Scotland that are all a minimum of 12 years of age, it has an unmistakable smooth, deep complex character. Full of dark fruits, sweet vanilla and the Johnnie Walker smokiness, Black Label rolls brilliantly over the tongue, releasing intense sweet vanillas that give way to orange zest and aromas of spice and raisins. A delightful whisky meant for any occasion.