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Just horsin’ around?

I just want to be brutally honest about this show and say “OMG just watch it already!” but then like everything in this world, this statement needs to be justified. When I first heard that there’s a show on Netflix about a horse that gives life lessons, I was intrigued. But then, I really wanted to know if people were just hyping it up. So, I started watching it and for once, people weren’t wrong. 

Look, there’s a lot of good content out there. But, BoJack Horseman is just great! I’m not just saying this, here are a few reasons to back me up. 

It’s animated because it’s too real: When I tell people about how much I love this show, they go like “Dude, it’s animated, grow up!” But I think it’s animated for a reason. You see, the issues addressed in this show are just way too real and to make people realise that it's ‘just a show’ it needed to be animated. Well, at least that’s what I think so. Also, did I mention the epic highbrow humour and the satire? 


Dark humour: Like I said before, this show is too raw and real, and it might get to you. Because even though it’s a ‘show’, it shows you how things are in the world today, it shows you the real you. Did I get a little too deep? Well, it’s not me, it’s BoJack! And since the reality is messed up, adding a bit of humour to it, makes everything better. You know, like squeezing lemon on your sukha puri. Here’s a dialogue with is dark and funny at the same time “Closure is a made-up thing by Steven Spielberg to sell movie tickets. It’s like true love and the Munich Olympics doesn’t exist in the real world. The only thing to do now is just to keep living forward.”


Brilliant writing: It’s punny, it’s funny and it’s twisted. Sometimes, the starting of the episode may seem to be pointless, you know, like a ‘moo point’ but by the end of it, everything starts to make sense. Turns out my mom was right, “everything happens for a reason.” The writers have weaved the characters so intricately and so beautifully, I could watch the episodes again!


It’s going to hit you in the feels: Looks like the creator of the show, Raphael Bob -Waksberg wants his audience to introspect. I mean, you’ll watch BoJack, you’ll judge BoJack and realise you have a little bit of BoJack in you. There’s this one episode ( my favourite one) called ‘free churros’ and it’s an emotional rollercoaster. You’ll laugh and cry at the same time. This show will make you think about yourself and everything around you. And anything that makes one think, cannot be everyone’s cup of tea. 


Well, I think that most human lessons come from talking animals (Hey there, George Orwell) So, if you’re sitting at home and contemplating what to watch and what not to watch this weekend, I say, go for BoJack and think a little, or a lot.



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