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Eat Your Heart Out!

Nothing makes my eyes shine brighter than watching food being brought to my table. I’m a self proclaimed foodie and coffee enthusiast and I love trying out different cuisines. The toughest decisions I’ve had to make in the recent past have literally all been food related - which new restaurant to try out tonight or what to cook for that potluck! That’s how much of a foodie I am!

So much so that I love watching finger lickin’ dishes being cooked on Masterchef Australia. As much fun as watching different cuisines in the making is, I’ve always been curious about what inspires these chefs to do what they do and keep creating without being repetitive and still managing the competition they face in the culinary world! Which is exactly what makes Chef’s Table on Netflix such an interesting food show that talks about the lives and skills of worldwide celebrated chefs over 6 seasons.

1. It’s giving you a backstory about chefs across the globe
Each of these chefs has a story to tell. Where they come from, how it plays a huge part in what they do and what inspired them to enter the culinary world. Chef’s Table helps you get closer to understanding the chef while breaking the food to table barrier. It’s almost like entering the kitchen and having a one on one with the chef!

2. It makes you want to give cooking a shot!
When you listen to chefs around the world talk passionately about ingredients and flavours, it makes you want to give cooking a shot, no matter how basic the dish! If nothing has been able to inspire you enough to get you inside the kitchen, watch Chef’s Table just for that! Everyone needs to know how to cook delicious food for themselves after all!

chefs table

3. Chef’s Table opens you up to new cuisines.
I’m pretty sure that you haven’t given a lot of dishes a second chance after they once failed you! But it’s often said that our taste buds change every 7 years and if you think about it, a lot of dishes we don’t like are a mixture of flavours, textures and ingredients. Chef’s Table talks about a variety of cuisines and I don’t know about you, but I’m hella tempted to try something different tonight!

4. It promotes using local ingredients.
Canned foods aren’t good for the body, like we’ve all heard time and again. And while we don’t listen to our mothers, you know you can’t avoid it when even chefs around the globe don’t use it! Across the 6 seasons, every episode shows chefs talking about using local ingredients that are easily available and can be used in a ton of ways. Your method of cooking and flavours don’t have to be constant, your ingredients can. Don’t like the way bhindi is cooked at home? Look up a fun bhindi recipe and try it out when you’re feeling rather ambitious.

Looking for something different to binge on Netflix this weekend? Add Chef’s Table to your list and you won’t be disappointed!