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There’s no better way to party than a house party! But every party requires some preparations. There are many things the host needs to take care of like food, drinks, snacks and entertainment. All of this can be pretty stressful, taking the fun out of it for the host. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you had some cool hacks up your sleeve that would make party preps totally stress-free? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

Here are some useful party hacks that’ll help you throw an epic house party! So go ahead and plan your next soiree.  

1. Freeze ice cubes with lemon

A cool hack is to make citrus cubes by freezing lemon slices with water in an ice tray. This will combine lemon along with ice and is a good way to keep your flavoured water or drinks cold.  You can also use muffin trays instead of ice trays to get round ice cubes. Works wonders.  

Useful Hacks That’ll Help You Throw An Epic House Party

2. Serve condiments in a creative way

For a large crowd, it’s normal to run out of clean crockery. Worry not, just be creative and use your muffin tray to serve condiments. A muffin tray has more capacity and can house more than 4 condiments such as dips, sauces, garnish, salad dresses etc.  

Useful Hacks That’ll Help You Throw An Epic House Party

3. Chill your alcohol quickly

If you often forget to put your wine and other alcohol in the fridge to cool, we’ve got a hack to solve your biggest problem. To chill warm wine or other alcohol quickly, you can wrap the bottle with a wet dish towel or paper towel and put them in the freezer. In just about 7 to 10 minutes you’ll have a chilled bottle that’s ready to be popped open and enjoyed. 

 Useful Hacks That’ll Help You Throw An Epic House Party

4. Chill wine with frozen fruits

To keep your wine cold for longer instead of adding ice, add frozen fruits which will not only keep your drink from diluting but also add a fruity flavour to it. You can add frozen fruits to your cocktails too for the chilling effect. All you need to do is put fruits such as orange slices, berries, grapes and pomegranate in the freezer and use at your discretion.

Useful Hacks That’ll Help You Throw An Epic House Party

5. Serve food in edible bowls

The lesser crockery you remove the better it is since cleaning won’t be that much of a trouble. Hence, use edible bowls to serve your guests that will look innovative and quirky. Colourful peppers can be used to serve dips and condiments while ice cream cones can be used to serve fruits and salads. 

Useful Hacks That’ll Help You Throw An Epic House Party

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