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3y ago

Rained out Saturday Night? Here's how to get monsoon chilling right

Olivia D'silva
It’s raining, it’s pouring; don’t let your day be boring!
Well, we know you’ve made a mental note not to leave home, thanks to the downpour of the heavens all Saturday night. So, we figured you may want to curl up in bed with your cat, reading a great book or binge-watch an entire season of the latest on Netflix. So, forget the 101 things you need to do from your to-do list as we have compiled a list of all the things you should do with your friends or even your family on a Saturday night to get your monsoon chilling right. 
Indoor Scavenger Hunt
Take inspiration from The Big Bang Theory’s Raj Koothrappali and set up your own fun scavenger hunt. All you have to do is provide each team with a puzzle which will lead you to the next and eventually will lead you to the final item on the list. The first team to find it will be the winner. 
7 ways to turn around a Saturday night into a chill fest
Movie Marathon Night
Long hours at work and no time to catch up on the latest movie release? Here’s your chance! Make yourself a tub of popcorn, bring some beers, and watch Set It Up, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Ocean’s Eight back to back. Maybe even a Marvel marathon? What are you waiting for? 
7 ways to turn around a Saturday night into a chill fest
Cocktail Challenge
Do you always stick to ordering a glass of wine? Is your signature drink a tequila shot? Throw your friends a cocktail challenge - no one needs to drink martinis on an empty stomach – with whatever’s in your fridge, while the rest of your friends can guess the name of the cocktail. We’re talking Don Draper era cocktails here. You never know, you may make your own unique drink and may even need to patent it after your name. 
Organise A Games Night
Bring out your long-forgotten stash of board games, or if you feel creative, you can come up with a play-anywhere, no-props needed game. 
Cards Against Humanity – We just stumbled upon this game, it is every bit fun and we just can’t stop. Unlike any other card game, you’ve ever played, this game is sure to leave you embarrassed and awkward. A question in the form of a black card is drawn and the players need to draw an answer from the white cards provided to supply the most despicable answer. The funniest answer is the winner.  

 Blindfold Pictionary – Whether you’re a 10-year old or a 70-year old, blindfold pictionary is fun and competitive.  Put a blindfold on and draw the thing on your chit whilst the other team players guess what you are drawing. The team to guess the most pictures correctly wins.

7 ways to turn around a rainy saturday night
Roast Night Special- Nothing says you care like roasting a friend in public. Take turns roasting your friends because well-timed roast lines that humorously mock and burn people are savage af. 
Mani-Pedi Day In
Pamper yourself and give your bestie a good head massage. You can also make your own margaritas while giving each other mani-pedis. Maybe even throw in a face mask and wear a robe? 
7 ways to turn around your rainy saturday night
Gaming Marathon
There’s nothing better than bad weather. Don’t get us wrong, we love the sunshine, but video game lovers will appreciate the chance to be stuck indoors for a gaming marathon. It is the perfect time to relax on the couch and catch up on ‘God Of War’ or ‘Grand Theft Auto’ that have been waiting on your shelf since a long time now.  
Throw Your Own B.Y.O.E Party
Who doesn’t love a good house party? If you ask us, house parties are great, you don’t have to break your head figuring out which place to go to or travel to the place in peak hours. During the rains, you can set up your own party at home and call it a ‘B.Y.O.E Party’ – This stands for ‘Bring Your Own Everything’. Your friends can bring in food and drinks and you’re good to go.