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Old hobbies you can go back to, to tackle boredom and stir the crazy in you.

Is it just me or does our bachpan really seem like a gazillion years ago? The good old days we spent doing the things we loved for hours at a stretch. We made time for both work and play. When did we grow up so fast that we have all become Jack, the dull boy? (If you know what I mean) We have lost touch with our creative side we had back then because ‘abhi time nahi hai’. But, now that we DO have so much extra time in our hands we can use it to rekindle our love for our old hobbies. Plus, it’s also the best way to keep yourself happy, occupied and entertained.

Here are some activities you can indulge in to stay productive, entertained and happy.

1. Painting
Get your creative juices flowing and feel the positivity fill your mind as you put your brush to canvas. You don’t have to create a masterpiece or have to be a Van Gogh to try this. Just have fun, that’s all. Have yourself a rainbow of acrylic colours, a sketchpad or canvas and some brush pens. Paint whatever you fancy. You can even share it on your social media accounts if you want to inspire others to try it out too. As a starting point, you can follow the #colorcrushcreative or #illustration hashtag on Instagram for creative ideas.

Make Best Use Of Your Time By Rekindling Those Old Hobbies

2. Doodling
Just about any device today has software that can let you doodle your heart out. If you are not a gadget person, you can opt for the traditional pen and paper mode. The good thing about technology is you can easily find lots of designs to begin with if you are running short on inspiration. 

Make Best Use Of Your Time By Rekindling Those Old Hobbies

3. Singing
Everyone, I repeat, everyone likes to sing irrespective of what they sound like. Whether your singing is confined within the walls of your bathroom or you are good at it and just need practice, you have the time to get back to your passion. There are so many tutorials available on YouTube that you can check out. Or, look up free singing lessons. Who knows you could be the next Beyoncé just ready to come out of the closet? 

Make Best Use Of Your Time By Rekindling Those Old Hobbies

4. Playing an instrument
If you have been living a life of guilt for keeping that guitar case packed and inside your cupboard, it’s time to take it out. Dust off that old instrument and start practising every day. Give it the attention it deserves. If you keep at it, you could be jamming in front of your friends and showing off those skills pretty soon. No more playing just the air guitar. 

P.S. It would be a good idea to check up with your neighbours if they are okay with all the noise coming from your room. If not, be a good person and give them some earplugs. Tee hee!

Make Best Use Of Your Time By Rekindling Those Old Hobbies

5. Blogging
Blogging is a long-term commitment I have never been able to say yes to. But, now is a better time than any other to seriously get to it if you feel strongly about writing and connecting with people who share the same interests. Running short on ideas? Why not consider short blogs on Instagram? Think ‘Humans of Bombay’ for instance. Their posts tell a story alongside an image. You could promote your content in a similar way. 

Make Best Use Of Your Time By Rekindling Those Old Hobbies

6. Dancing 
Missing the gym? Dancing is a great form of exercise which lets you work up a sweat and release your stress. You can learn whichever dance style you want from contemporary to belly dancing through online dance lessons, be it on YouTube or sites such as The Dance Store Online and LearntoDance. Get any video conferencing software in your phone and you can even organise remote dance parties over the weekend, sounds cool and one-of-a-kind haan?

Make Best Use Of Your Time By Rekindling Those Old Hobbies

So, savour the pause with these old hobbies now that you finally have the time. 


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