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Thoda twist, thodi translation.

Remember those days before the internet? We used to try and figure out ways to pass time and invent the most random games ever! One of them was translating Hindi songs into English. Yep, it all began back then. The only difference is that it was hilarious then and it’s hilarious now. (Okay, there’s no difference)

So, the other day I invited my friends over for a karaoke night. And just to add thoda aur fun to it, we decided to sing the translated version of Hindi songs. As always, it was super fun!

Here, let me give you a gist of it.

1. Honestly, everything around us is weird. I agree with her.

Weird stories these are,

Where do they start and where do they end?

What are these destinations?

Neither did they understand, nor I.

Sounds like a song we’d dedicate to online maps, right? Or to auto guys who decide to take the “shortcut” or to that really bizarre movie which leaves you confused by the end of it (Shaandaar) Before I go on and on with examples, here’s the original track.

2. Yeah, what am I supposed to do with all these butterflies?

You came near me

And smiled in a way

I don’t know what you made me dream

Now my heart is neither asleep nor awake

What do I do?

Something something happens!

Seriously, words fall short to describe this feeling. It looks like the lyricist and I need to upgrade our vocabulary. 

3. Bas yahi bacha tha

Come let me teach you

The fundamentals of an egg

This is not an ordinary individual, my love

Yeah, if you need to upgrade your knowledge about eggs, you can sing this song and learn a little something from it. 

4. I don’t usually dance, but when I do… I make sure I don’t wear any ghungroos. 

You were convinced by morning

And you danced so much

That your ghungroos broke

Yeah, they made a song out of it. If that were me, I’d cry. But sabko bas naachna hai! 

5. Every time I fall for someone, this song plays in the background.
The sun is about to set

The moon is shining bright

Why is the sky melting?

I am standing still, but the earth is walking

My heart is beating, but my breath is stopping

Is this my first love?

That last line “Kya yeh mera pehla pehla pyaar hai?” makes me feel a little bit guilty though. Turns out I fall in love quite often. Currently, I’m in a relationship with my pizza.

So, the next time you have your yaars over, try singing these songs and if you want to just listen to something click here.