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This one’s for all you ladies celebrating ladies.

Whether you’re single as a pringle or already hitched, you can still celebrate this month of love with your amazing gal friends. We’ve got nothing against Valentine’s Day, but this year we thought about all the love we’ve gotten from our platonic friendships and decided to bring in Galentine’s Day. 

Now for those of you who don’t know about this day, it’s celebrated on February 13th, a day before Valentine’s Day. It’s a fictitious holiday created on the show Parks & Recreations by the character Leslie Knope to celebrate the most important people in our lives—our female friends! This cool idea totally took off IRL too!

That’s why we decided to channelize our inner #girlboss and throw a kickass Galentine’s Day party. So, flair up the group chat, reach out to all your friends, right from your bachpan ke besties to your hostel roommate, your work wife, the mother hen of your group and all the awesome ladies who’ve been part of your life.
Here’s everything you need to know about hosting a get together for your girlfriends this Galentine’s Day.  

Pick a theme to dress up
If there’s something better than partying with your girl gang, it’s theme partying with your girls! We love dressing up or dressing down and having a pre-decided theme party makes for a lot more fun. You can pick from a bunch of themes like a pyjama party, an all-pink party, neon party, a 90s Mean Girls movie inspired party etc. and plan your outfits accordingly.

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galentine's day party

Assign everyone a “Secret Cupid”
Gifts aren’t just meant for Valentine’s Day. Every girl on Galentine’s Day deserves a gift. You can play “Secret Cupid”, a gifting game with your girl friends. Everyone picks chits at random and gifts the person whose name they get. This way everyone gets a gift. And, be assured it’ll be a great gift, because who better to know what you want than your girl friends.

galentine's day party

Don’t stop at strawberries, serve chocolate covered everything
Strawberry covered chocolate! Could it get any more lovey-dovey? Well, it can. Celebrate your platonic friendship with chocolate covered everything. Right from chips to oranges and cookies, you can dip everything in chocolate to make this day extra chocolate-y! PS: Here’s a special chocolate dip you’ll enjoy dunking everything in.

galentine's day party

Sugar, spice and everything nice
These were the ingredients used to make the perfect little girls, as the quote goes. So, why not treat your ladies to a little sugar, spice and everything nice kind of menu. For sugar, load it up with plenty of pancakes, waffles, macaroons and cupcakes. For spice, bring out the jalapeno poppers, chicken wings or even everyone’s beloved chakna platter. And as for nice, you can't go wrong with a good old cheesy pizza. How’s that for a foolproof menu for your girl friends?

galentines day

Cocktails that brighten your spirits 
We mean that literally, not figuratively. Why sip on plain vodka when you can mix up the spirit to make a delicious cocktail out of it. Try out these specially created cocktails that match your Galentine’s Day mood. 

smirnoff vodka cocktail

Set up an ice cream station
Impress your yaars with this “cool” new house party trend. You can set up a DIY ice cream station in your home and let everyone create their own dessert. Read all about how to set up your ice cream station here. To keep things interesting, you all can even create ice cream dedications to your friends based on your friendship. Do you think your friendship is more “colourful and sprinkle-y” or “minty”? Let your DIY dessert creation decide.

galentines day

Movies to go with the ice cream
If there’s something that goes well with a tub of ice cream, it's your friends and a movie. You can pick from a bunch of girl gang movie like Sex And The City, Mean Girls, Sisterhood Of Traveling Pants, Mama Mia etc. and screen them at your party. PS, a movie night is a great idea if you’re hosting a pyjama theme party.

galentines day

Invite a furry friend
You can’t go wrong with some puppy love…like literally. Your friend or you can bring along a furry friend to the party. A cute doggo will make everyone’s day. Wouldn’t you agree?


Galfie booth
A night with your girl friends is incomplete with those zillion galfies. Go ahead and make a special booth so that your “gals” can make their “selfies” a little more special. You can create props that read cute Galentine’s Day messages like “Be my Galentine”, “My #1 GalFriend”, “Can’t live without my girls”, “Girl gang” etc. We bet your friends will love posing with these. 


Now that you have your food, activities and theme party sorted, get ready to be crowned the best Galentine’s Day party host ever! 

*Drink Responsibly!


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