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Spending time with yourself couldn't be more fun!

If you’ve gone on dates, you know that date nights are all about feeling special and loved. Picking out the perfect dress, taking time out to fill your eyebrows and use that eyelash curler that you don’t bother with on a daily basis are all a part of a specific routine that we follow mostly when we’re going on a date and I don’t know about you but I do it to feel good about myself!

A solo date night indoors should be just that - an opportunity to feel good about yourself in your own skin! Sure, you don’t need to be dolled up to feel good about yourself. But if that makes you feel better, go right ahead.

1. What to do
The best way to figure what you should be doing on a solo date night indoors? Make a list! Seriously, it’s as easy as that. Write down 5 things you feel like doing. It could literally be anything like cooking, taking a long shower, re-reading an old book, watching a movie from your wishlist. This is your opportunity to plan just what you like for yourself that you don’t get enough of.

How to Set Up The Perfect In-House Solo Date Night During Summers

2. Getting ready
It’s so important to set the mood just right when you’re making plans to spend quality time with yourself. Ask yourself what you feel like doing to feel better about your solo night in. Are you in the mood for a long shower, followed by an extensive skincare routine before you get into your pajamas, a comfy T-shirt and a top bun? Maybe use that bath salt that you’ve been saving for a special occasion!

How to Set Up The Perfect In-House Solo Date Night During Summers

3. Setting the ambience
Ambience, IMO makes a huge difference in how your evening pans out. I like to put my fairy lights to use every time I plan a solo night in. Do you like watching a movie while being cuddled up inside a blanket? Switch on your dim lights and set the temperature right on your air conditioner. 

How to Set Up The Perfect In-House Solo Date Night During Summers

4. Keeping yourself company
Nothing feels better than making some appetizers that you can gobble down without having to share them with someone else. I love making these quick snacks to keep me company when I’m reading a book or watching a movie. I usually pair these with a glass of this Black Dog Berry Nice Cocktail.

How to Set Up The Perfect In-House Solo Date Night During Summers

It helps to prep for your solo date night a little earlier in the day so you have more time to yourself without hurrying into the next thing on your list. Happy solo date night in! 

*Drink responsibly!


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