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Seriously, what do they mean?

If you’re a Bollywood fan, it’s safe to say that you know Bollywood songs on the tip of your tongue. From the thumkas to the jhatkas every beat is in the back of your head. 
But let’s admit it, that some songs and logic don’t go hand in hand. I mean, I’m pretty sure there were songs that made us go like “Woah! What was that?” Okay, let me list out these amazing songs for you!

Must. get. attention.
Main laila laila chillaunga, kurta phaad ke.

Bhai tujhe kurta phaad ke kyu chillana hai?
Firstly, why? Secondly, why? You know where this is going. But seriously, why?

When you Google synonym of ishq and decide to make a song out of it.

Ishq wala love

Chai wali tea, words wale shabd, cat wali billi… sometimes I think even I should try writing songs. Gaana wala song.

When you’re in love, but your rhyme game isn’t strong...toh...kuch bhi

Tera pyaar pyaar pyaar….

Rhyme ke liye apun kuch bhi bolega!

When you’re too lazy to think or write, just popopo through life.

Main ladki popopo

Tu ladka popopo

I’m telling you, just popopo through life, kisiko pata nahi chalega!

When you have to meet the deadline, but you have to attend a family function
So you make a song out of it.

 "Mere baap ki beti mujhe bhai bolti
  Mere baap ki biwi mujhe beta bolti…           

Once upon a time, these songs made me really happy. I must confess, sometimes, secretly it still does. But when I think about the lyrics, they honestly make me go “woh kya tha?”  It’s both cringe-worthy and funny at the same time! So, this weekend, call your yaars over, listen to these songs and LOL away and for some real yaari music, click here