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Your doggo is your ‘pawfect’ yaar! 

Move over diamonds, doggos are our ultimate friends. From giving you the puppy eyes to chasing the delivery man for the 567th time, these little balls of ‘floofs’ are legit the best kind of yaars we need. Be it office friends, building friends, college friends and even just-met-at-a-party-friend, there ain’t nobody like our doggo friend! (whom we love coming home too)

And, you know why? Because they like to do just about everything with us. Be it just throwing out the trash or submitting an important report, your doggo yaar will be right next to you!  

Don’t believe me? Here’s why our furry friends are the true yaars we need! 

1. They Are Your Forever Cheerleaders! 
You could be coming out of a shower or just be gone for 5 seconds and your doggo will welcome you like you were gone for ages. They’ll jump on you, lick you and will give you the puppy eyes even if you go to the other room. Now, don’t they deserve appreciation for doing this!

Doggos Are The True Yaars We All Need

2. They May Not Have Words But They Can ‘Bork’ Away Your Problems 
Going through a tough time? How about some dog therapy? I mean, sometimes an adorable ‘boop’ and a ‘bork’ would be just fine to forget about all your worries. And, if that’s not your No.1 yaari goals then I don’t know what is! 

Doggos Are The True Yaars We All Need

3. They Will Never Cancel On You!
How many times has your hooman cancelled on you because boss ne last minute meeting ke liye bula liya? Your doggo friend will never miss a chance to play with you.
Want to have a tea-party? Call your doggo.
Just give them their fave treat and pour yourself a glass of Mcdowell’s whisky and your party is already a hit! 

Doggos Are The True Yaars We All Need

4. They Will Never Bore You!
You are probably already bored with that guy you went on a date with, but you know what? You will never be bored with your doggo. Be it going out for walks or giving them a belly rub sesh, you can literally never get tired of doing things with them! 

Doggos Are The True Yaars We All Need

5. They Will Sniff Out Just About Everything! 
From barking at possible spy squirrels to doing a complete sweep before you enter, your doggo friend will also be your bodyguard friend who will ALWAYS be on the lookout! 

Doggos Are The True Yaars We All Need

6. They Make For The Perfect Wingman
Take your pupper out for a walk and see how everyone starts talking to you because c’mon nobody can resist giving this good boi a good pat. 

Doggos Are The True Yaars We All Need

Dog lover or not, I bet you will feel giving your doggo friend a big hug!

*Drink Responsibly 


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