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You’re going to need your subtitles on, TBH!

How often do you find yourself scrolling through Netflix for some binge-worthy and hilarious TV series? As much fun as watching reruns of Friends is, it kind of gets a little less exciting when you finish each dialogue before the 6 of them say it. And, why would you watch the same old shows again and again when you have a ton of TV series at your disposal that are based on a group of friends.

If watching comedy drama series is your thing, you’re going to love Crashing! For starters, you have Phoebe Waller Bridge being her hilarious self through 6 episodes of this HBO series but if that’s not already a good reason, keep on scrolling. 

Crashing is unexpectedly hilarious 
I’m talking downright weird entertainment, not your run off the mill dry humour. It makes you laugh at a situation created by the characters and not the regular scripted punchlines. That’s what makes it a binge-worthy show! It’s funny because it’s so absurd!

crashing tv show

You won’t ever know what’s coming
Don’t be surprised if you catch yourself going, “What in the world is happening here!!” In fact, you’ll be saying that multiple times throughout the season. There’s literally nothing obvious about this TV series, right from the characters to the plot. Just when you think you’ve figured it out, Crashing throws a twist in your face, making each episode more gripping than the other.

crashing tv show

Every character is fleshed out brilliantly
Unlike most TV series, each of the characters are given such unique personalities, making them completely different from the other. Every single one of them has a twisted story to tell, either with a complicated past or a weird trait. The further you watch Crashing, the more you realise how well-made this TV series really is. None of these characters are ones you can put a label on. Bits and pieces about them just unveil in front of you, subtly placed throughout the 6 episodes to make you go, “Daaamn!” 

crashing tv show

Crashing has a different take on relationships 
Like every TV series, all the protagonists have their own equation with more than one person and it is twisted as hell! For starters, Phoebe Waller Bridge (Lulu) is the childhood friend of Anthony Damien, who is engaged to Kate, who is extremely uptight as a person. Lulu and Anthony have a very complex relationship, one you’ll take 6 episodes to comprehend. Don’t miss out on the weird equation between Lulu and her eccentric great aunt who is beyond inappropriate! Throw in an eclectic loud man, a depressed 40 year old, a sweet shy gay man and a French artist living as property guardians in an unoccupied hospital and add a British accent to this mess. That’s Crashing for you!

crashing tv show

Now this is the kind of TV show that will have you laughing out loud at the absurdity of life. So, go on, schedule a TV show binge fest this weekend with a glass of Black Dog whisky by your side. 

*Drink Responsibly!




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