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Move over S/Os, you need to find the perfect roommate!

You know I always dreamed of moving out of my hometown, living in a big city, working at a fancy place and having the time of my life. And, honestly, who can blame me for thinking like this? I mean, if Saif Ali Khan in Love Aaj Kal could live the perfect life, I could too, hai na? 

So, I shifted to “Bom-bae” to live the life I always wanted to!

But do things ever go as planned? Not with me at least! I shifted here and got a house with 2 roommates. You think you would bunk in with yaars who’ll be kind to you but...

There were loud roommates to roommates who just wouldn’t talk, it really takes a lot of ‘parampara, prathista and anushasan’ and dozen roommates till you find your yaar. 

And, if just like me, you’re planning to move of your ‘ghar’ too then, here are a few types of roommates you’ll come across!  

1. One Who Is Always Ready For A Brunch!
They will drag you to every brunch place ever and make you click pictures from every angle possible! And, before you know it, your hot sizzling plate of pancakes is no more hot or sizzling. But let’s be honest, brunch with these kind of people is quite an affair.




2. One Who Wakes Up Early Morning To Work Out And Blasts Music 
When you move out of your house, you will come across a roommate who will not only wake up very early in the morning just to work out. But will also play music so that you wake up as well. 
I don’t know about you but when this happens with me I almost turn into a female hulk!

loud music


3. One With Whom You Get All Dressed Up But Never Go Out!
I love dressing up so does my roommate. And, we take hours to get that contouring done, then blending it and finally highlighting it. But when we are actually ready, we get so tired (and not to forget, itna saara traffic!) that we change into our PJs, pop open a bottle of Mcdowells and just chill at home. 


sonam kapoor aisha


4. One Who Not Only Borrows Your Hair Ties But Your Entire Wardrobe 
Take it from me, you will have a roommate who will not only take your hair ties but all your clothes too. And, guess what, there’s nothing you can do about it because you know you will do the same. 




5. One Who Sleeps With Thousand Alarms 
Three alarms are still okay but having a roommate who sets an alarm for every hour? Now that’s just unfair! 




6. One Who Always Loses Their House Keys 
My roommate has lost her keys so many times that I actually have the locksmith on my speed dial now!



7. One Who Turns Your House Into A Zoo 
If your roommate is a pet lover then set some boundaries because before you know it, they will end up adopting dogs, cats, hamsters and even spiders and you will have to live with them all! 



8. One Who Sleep Talks 
They’ll not talk to you the entire day but ‘jaise hi raat hogi’, they’ll sleep talk to you through the night! 


permanent roommates

9. One Who Has Clothes Everywhere Except In Their Cupboards
Why use a cupboard when you have the whole house to store your clothes right? Well, when you live with this kind, anywhere you go, whatever you do, their clothes will be right there. Safaai naam ki cheez, toh koi inko sikhaye!


messy room

But hey! It’s not always difficult. You will also come across really fun roommates that will make it worthwhile! 

Here’s to hoping!

*Drink Responsibly 




Party harder

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