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It’s that time of the year again!

Resolutions are meant to be broken but do we stop making them? (Some of us don’t!) With December being a month of binging on food and cheating on your diet, resolutions in January ‘toh banta hai!’
From taking a year-long gym membership to promising yourself you’ll finally solo travel to at least one new place this year, or a digital detox because you need a break from your social media (admit it), these resolutions are the same old every year.

But what if you had to pen down some out of the world resolutions that would actually make you want to keep them? 

We listed down a few hatke resolutions you and your yaars can keep that won't have you break them before January ends.

1. I Will Not Hit Snooze More Than Once
Promise yourself that you will not snooze your alarm more than once just for some extra sleep. Because when you wake up, you realise that you are really late for work and now your boss will scold you all over again! 

new year resolution

2. I Will Not Cancel On My Plans With My Yaars
We make plans with our yaars and when it’s time to execute them, we just don’t feel like getting out of bed (guilty as charged!). But this New Year, make a resolution that you’ll not cancel on them every single time. After all, it’s always a good time when you’re with your friends! So, if you want to set the mood,  just play this on-point yaari song and thank us later!


3. I Will Eat All Of Those Fruits. Now.
I don’t know about you but I can’t resist having those juicy burgers or crunchy fries! They're my all-time comfort foods! But that doesn’t mean we can’t eat healthy at all?
You don't have to quit eating your favourite junk food but you can and must add fruits to your diet. Have an apple a day and you can test if you really manage to keep the doctor away. Thoda toh healthy bano yaar.

new year resolution

4. I Will Let My Friend Use The AUX On A Drive
Since the ‘New Year, new me’ season is just around the corner, promise yourself that you will let your yaar play his favourite songs when you’re out on a drive. Even if he plays ‘Channa Meraya’ on loop, you will listen to it because you’re a changed person like that! 

Hatke resolutions


5. I Will Give Back That T-shirt Which I Took From My Yaar Ages Ago 
Do I love shopping for clothes? Well, I love shopping for them right out of my friend's closet.  Take a pledge this New Year that you will return all their clothes and finally assemble your own wardrobe.

new year resolution

6. I Will Always Charge My Phone And Not Wait For It To Hit 2%
Do us all a favour and charge your phones every time the battery drops! Don't wait till it completely drains out. I mean, do you even know how difficult it is to send a raven to contact people in today’s time?

new year resolution

7. I Will Always Carry A Bottle Of Water With Me
You might be doing a 5-step skincare routine but the secret to get that perfect glow is hydrating yourself enough! Just carry a bottle with you and have a sip every time you feel like it! 

new year resolution

8. I Will Wash My Hair Often And Promise To Not Call My Unwashed Hair As ‘The Messy Look’
Even though we find this so comfortable, it’s time to let this ‘messy look’ go and really embrace our ‘just-washed hair look.’ Trust me, you will love a good hair day selfie! 

new year resolution

9. I Will Go Out On The Weekend Like I Promised Myself On Monday Instead Of Sleeping In All DayEvery time I wake up on Monday, I promise myself that I should have gone out on the weekend. But when the day actually arrives, I can’t even get out of my PJs. But not anymore! Let's break this cycle and have fun on the weekends like never before! 

new year resolution

Inspired much? Then, you better leave behind all your old resolutions and try these instead! 

*Celebrate Responsibly


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