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Don’t know what to do this ‘Promise Day?’ we have just the list for you!

There are a few things that we millennials are just not able to do on time. Be it cleaning our rooms or waking up early, we're all secretly Sid from Wake Up Sid.

But you know what? It’s time that we stopped, took a pause and made promises that we can actually keep!

From running for an extra 5 mins on the treadmill to having a fruit once in a while, here are a few things that you can follow this promise day instead of those unrealistic goals! 

1. Make Sure You Read The Books Before You Go Buy More 
I love buying books but I am never able to read them all, so they just sit in my bookshelf for eternity. This promise day, I take a pledge to read all the books I’ve bought first. This way I’ll not feel guilty before I go on my next book shopping spree. 

6 Ways Every Millenial Should Celebrate ‘Promise Day’

2. Leave ALL Work Aside And Make Sure To Have Lunch Before 5 PM 
I don’t even remember the number of times I have missed lunch because there was a last-minute meeting. And, I know I am not the only millennial who does that! So, this promise day, I’ll make a commitment to eat on time! 

6 Ways Every Millenial Should Celebrate ‘Promise Day’

3. Let’s Try (And Really Try) Not To Splurge On Sales 
You don’t need to buy ‘one more’ of whatever it is anyway! Just uninstall those apps already! I am going to do it, so should you.

6 Ways Every Millenial Should Celebrate ‘Promise Day’

4. I Will Actually Work Out And Not Take Selfies 
You know what? The next I am at the gym, I promise not to take out my phone and take 96897 gym selfies. I will actually put my phone aside and work out for a change. No one needs to see my after workout selfie! 

6 Ways Every Millenial Should Celebrate ‘Promise Day’

5. Try To Step Outside To Savour The Pause 
Some days all you need to do is turn off your phone, shut down your laptop, and go out for a walk! I promise to make sure to have some ‘me-time’, munch on chaat and actually take a break! 

6 Ways Every Millenial Should Celebrate ‘Promise Day’

6. I Will Not Binge-Watch An Entire Season Of My Fave Show In A Day 
Next time, a new season of Brooklyn 99 or Stranger Things comes out, I will ‘pakka’ watch it ‘aaram se’ and not just binge-watch it in a day! I mean, ‘itni jalddi sab dekh lete hai phir kuch dekne ke liye bachta hi nahi hai!’ 
Let’s all of us make promises to do the same. 

6 Ways Every Millenial Should Celebrate ‘Promise Day’

This promise day, it’s time we did what we do best! Give it a very millennial makeover by making realistic promises.


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