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*Sings Yeh Dooriyan From Love Aaj Kal While Crying My Heart Out* 

Move over heartbreaks, you know what’s tougher? Having a long-distance yaar! I mean, a little bit of Coldplay and lot of going out will fix your broken heart but what will you do when you miss your BFF who lives on the other side of the world? I mean, you can’t just travel 8976 kms every day right?

So, for days when you miss them, you wake up at 4 AM just to video call them (talk about time difference being too real) But hey, even if they’re so far away, you wouldn’t have it any other way.
Love it or hate it, you know you’re in it for the long haul and would do just about everything to make it work kyuki dosti mein no sorry, no thank you and apparently no geography bhi!

Relate to it a tad bit too much? Here are a few things you go through if you have a long-distance yaar!

1. You’re Always Making Plans To Meet Each Other 
From planning the next destination to mapping out the entire itinerary, you and your long-distance best friend just cannot wait to meet each other! You could have just been back from a trip with them and you would already be planning the next one! You miss them so much that even a day apart seems like a century to you! 

5 Things You Go Through When You Have A Long Distance Yaar

2. You Are A Pro At Planning Trips Now 
Since you have planned so many trips with them, you are now a pro at it. You know all the routes, you make the best itineraries and you have practically learnt the entire flight schedule! You also know just how to fit a year-long of plans into a 3-day trip! But, you know what makes this so special? You would do so much taam-jhaam only to be with your best friend! 
*Can’t wait for them to come down so that we can for the next trip asap*

5 Things You Go Through When You Have A Long Distance Yaar

3. You’re Always Doing Things Together Online
Just because both of you are miles apart does not mean you miss out on things! You just have to video call them and they’d be right in front of you! Having a movie night? Time to call your yaar! 
Been a long time since you last shared your favourite McDowell’s? No problem, pop open a bottle, video call them, and get ready to say, “cheers”.

5 Things You Go Through When You Have A Long Distance Yaar

4. You Get Jealous Of Their Other Friends 
You die a little inside every time your long-distance best friend posts pictures with their other friends. You can’t help but get jealous of them. And, why wouldn’t you? They get to hang out with your yaar and do just about everything that you wanted to do. Now, who wouldn’t get jealous?

5 Things You Go Through When You Have A Long Distance Yaar

5. You Have Days When You Miss Them The Most
Sometimes when things get tough, you wish you had your yaar next to you. I mean, you would do anything to see them even if it is just for a moment. So, you count days, think of all the things you will do together and set everyday reminders for when you will meet them which is enough to keep you going. 

5 Things You Go Through When You Have A Long Distance Yaar

But in the end, no matter how tough it gets, you would do anything for them! Even if it means travelling 8976 kms just to meet them! 

*Drink Responsibly 


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