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Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the ‘baddest’ of them all? 

You know what? Female Hollywood villains are the actual boss ladies that everyone should be talking about. From going after what they want to being their unapologetic self, they really do it all while pulling off a-right-out-of-Vogue-magazine OOTD!  

They’re bold. They’re confident. And, they’re even honest, these boss ladies really know how to set some serious goals. And, let’s be honest, if that’s not the dream then I don’t know what is! 

After all, why should good guys have all the fun, right? ’

Don’t believe us? Well, you gotta see it yourself! 

1. Mystique, X-Men 
You know what the best part is about being Mystique? She could be anyone! Yes, literally anyone. Shape-shifter, gymnastic mutant, and a sidekick to Magento, she is no less than her male counterparts. An anti-hero and a supervillain, Mystique knows exactly how to put up a fight. 

5 Female Hollywood Villains Who Are The Real Deal

2. Hela- Thor: Ragnarok
Who wouldn’t be angry for being banished to hell by their own father? I mean, it’s one thing to ground them but to literally send them to hell? Now that calls for some drama. After being kicked out of Asgard, Hela returns with an army to claim what’s essentially hers. And, you know when there's bad blood, you can always depend on Hela to show the good guys a tough time. 

5 Female Hollywood Villains Who Are The Real Deal

3. Amy Dunne, Gone Girl 
She doesn’t need superpowers to set her enemies straight. A little bit of patience and a lot of mind games, and Amy will have you wondering what’s even real and unreal. She’s like one of those villains who’ll be sipping on some Singleton whisky while they watch the world crumble and not help because they did her wrong. Cross her once and you will regret it forever. She is one woman who can’t be taken for granted! 

5 Female Hollywood Villains Who Are The Real Deal

4. Miranda Priestly, The Devil Wears Prada
If there’s one boss woman who really does it all. And by ‘all’ we actually mean, everything under the sun, then it’s Miranda Priestly. A total taskmaster, a true leader and even a pusher, she not only runs the entire Vogue but also unknowingly (or is it really?) sets her secretary’s life in order. 

5 Female Hollywood Villains Who Are The Real Deal

5. Harley Quinn, The Batman Franchise
How is possible to talk about the strongest female villains and not mention Harley Quinn? She wears what she wants, doesn’t care if her eyeliner smudges and smiles like there’s no tomorrow (sometimes even when there’s a tomorrow LOL). Give her any problem and consider it solved because she’s smart like that! 

5 Female Hollywood Villains Who Are The Real Deal

After reading this, don’t you feel like just flipping your hair and being your true unapologetic self? I know I want to!

*Drink Responsibly