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Once you go desi, sabki aisi ki tesi 

You know what’s better than having breakfast at dinner? A brunch! I mean, why else would you wake up early on a Sunday morning? But do you know what’s even better than a usual brunch? 

A desi brunch! 

You get to munch on all your fave delicacies in brunch style! From paratha to halwa puri, you literally have so many options to choose from! And, in case if you’re out with your parents, wouldn’t you find it easier to explain what a masala egg muffin is rather than eggs bourguignon? 

Trust me the struggle is too real!

So, get your menus out because these desi alternatives to your angrezi brunches are here to steal the show. 

1. Masala Egg Muffins Instead Of Breakfast Muffins 
If you’re a true desi at heart then do you even feel complete if your food doesn’t have a pinch of haldi and mirchi? No, right? Then, why have normal breakfast muffins when you can have masala egg muffins? Mixed with all kinds of garam masala, this alternative will set your taste buds and desi brunch menu on fire! 

5 Desi Brunch Options To Make At Home For Ever Desi Out There

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2. Pakoras Instead Of Fritters 
Let’s be honest, fritters is that cousin of pakoras who went to Canada and came back with an accent. But hey, no matter what, nothing can compare to our assorted platter of mixed pakoras. Be it pyaj ke pakoras or mirchi, I bet you will love to munch on all! 

5 Desi Brunch Options To Make At Home For Ever Desi Out There

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3. Turmeric Gin & Tonic Instead Of Usual Gin & Tonic 
All of us love a good gin & tonic but do you that one way to make it even more interesting? By adding a dash of turmeric. It may sound a little out there but taste it once and you will love it always! And, you know what the best part is? It goes with just about everything! So, if you’re wondering how to mix it, here’s your tumeric gin & tonic recipe. 

60ml Tumeric infused Tanqueray 
180ml chilled tonic water
Rosemary, for garnish 

Fill the glass with ice, add infused Tanqueray and tonic water. Mix.
Garnish with rosemary and enjoy! 

5 Desi Brunch Options To Make At Home For Ever Desi Out There

4. Rabri Malpua Instead Of Pancakes 
If there’s a desi version of pancakes and maple syrup then it’s malpua topped with rabri. First fried, then doused in chasni and finally garnished with rabri, this tasty desi combo will top your desi brunch dessert menu like never before! 

5 Desi Brunch Options To Make At Home For Ever Desi Out There

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5. Fish Fry And Kokum Instead Of Smoked Salmon 
Move over smoked salmons, fish fry masala is just what you should be looking for. Crispy on the outside and tender on the insider, this desi dish comes with a lot of loud flavours and spices. And, not to forget, when paired with a chilled glass of kokum sherbet, you will never want to go back to your old ways! 

5 Desi Brunch Options To Make At Home For Ever Desi Out There

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Try these desi alternatives of angrezi brunch options the next time and thank us a brunch later, if you know what I mean. Wink Wink!

*Drink Responsibly 



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