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Try these creative Bloody Mary recipes this International Bloody Mary Day!

Tomatoes were my favourite fruit as a child. Yes, I said it. Not mangoes, not apples but tomatoes! 

Have it in a salad, some tomato soup or even some roadside bhel puri!  But as I grew up, I found out that you can even mix it with some vodka and turn it into a refreshing cocktail.

I love a good Bloody Mary from my head to-ma-toes (see what I did there?) so much that it became my instant favourite cocktail. I wouldn’t even have to scroll through the bar menu to know what to order. 

And, if you really ask me what my food pairing with Bloody Mary is, it definitely would be grilled bacon or meatballs! 

And, now that I found out that it’s International Bloody Mary Day on 1st January, I thought why just have a usual Bloody Mary when you can get creative? I mean, the usual one is good but mix with papaya puree or a dash of chilli and you have yourself a new fave!

Intrigued much? Well, I got in touch with the Brand Ambassadors at Diageo - Khushnaz Raghina and Asmani along with bartender Jack from Social, Bangalore and they came up with some exciting variations of Bloody Mary recipes! 

So, keep scrolling and see just how to make ‘em!  

Papaya Bloody Mary - by Bartender Jack
Mish-mash the papaya into a puree and add it to your Bloody Mary! 
PS- It’s a cocktail mixed with homemade papaya puree, green chilli, coriander leaves, lemon juice and simple syrup! 

60ml Ketel One Vodka
60ml papaya puree
20ml sweet&sour
2grm chaat masala
2grm green chilli
1 Papaya slice, for garnish
1 Green chilli, for garnish 
Ice cubes

Add all ingredients in a shaker and shake. 
Pour it in old fashioned glass.
Garnish it with a papaya slice and green chilly. 

ketel one cocktails

Let’s Twist Again - By Brand Ambassador Khushnaz 
This Bloody Mary is made using some fine-apples!

60ml Ketel One Vodka
90ml fresh pineapple juice
20ml fresh ginger juice
20ml lime juice
Dehydrated pineapple and fresh mint, for garnish 

Add all ingredients in a shaker. Shake.
Pour it in a cocktail glass and sip!

ketel one cocktails


Chilli Koya Mary  By Brand Ambassador Asmani 
Add a twist of chilli in your Bloody Mary and thank us later! 

45ml Ketel One Vodka
60ml guava juice
1 pinch Himalayan salt
1 pinch black pepper
1 pinch chilli powder
1 lime
Raw guava slices/ raw mango, for garnish

Rim only half of the cocktail glass with chilli and salt.
Add ice cubes along with all the ingredients. 
Squeeze lime juice, add seasonings and garnish with raw guava slices or raw mango dipped in chilli salt. 

ketel one cocktails

So, this International Bloody Mary Day, call your friends and mix these for them already! 

*Drink Responsibly 


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