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Easy on the eyes and a treat to the ears, he’s got it all. Pollywood’s Harrdy Sandhu is not just making it to everyone’s music playlists but also their wallpapers. You might know this Punjabi homeboy from his superhit track ‘Soch’ that’s become a love anthem of sorts. 

And, if you’ve still not discovered this hunk and his super stunning voice, here’s his song that’s soon going to be your new favourite mood-setter. 

Like that song already? You could get to know and hear him better at the McDowell’s No.1 Soda #No1YaariJam Live on 16th November, at Jodhpur. 

Meet Harrdy Sandhu – Pollywood’s Hunk Who Sings

But first, here’s a few interesting titbits about this new ear-candy in town.  
His First Love

Harrdy Sandhu born Hardevinder Singh Sandhu didn’t grow up aspiring to be a singer. His first love was cricket and he wanted to play someday for the Indian Cricket Team.  
His Early Achievements

He played in the Under 19 Indian Cricket team and the Punjab Ranji team, where he practiced with Ishant Sharma and Chiteshwar Pujara. However, things didn’t quite go as planned. He had to backdown due to an injury. 

But life had other plans for him. One way or the other, he made it to the big screen.

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His Calling

He started taking singing lessons from Sh. Nirmal Singh Ji before he ventured into professional singing. ‘Tequila Shot’ was his first single in 2012 with Sony Music Company. 

His Claim To Fame

However, his career-making song was ‘Soch’ in 2013. It won him 3 awards at the Punjab Music Awards. The song was also recreated in Hindi for the movie Airlift and was sung by Arijit Singh. 
His Acting Career

With his charming looks an acting career was inevitable too. Harrdy’s first movie was a Punjabi film called ‘Yaaran da katchup’ in 2014. His next movie in 2017 was ‘Mahi NRI’ where his performance got him good reviews. 
Meet Harrdy Sandhu – Pollywood’s Hunk Who Sings

His Hits For Your Punjabi Playlist

Does Harrdy Sandhu seem like your new favourite artist yet? Then checkout his other popular songs like ‘Backbone’ and ‘Joker’.


Enjoy McDowell’s No.1 Soda #No1YaariJam Live but always remember to drink responsibly. 

Image Credits: Facebook/@sandhuhardyofficial

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