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Think you know the Master Blaster?

If there is one person who can rain down ‘fours’ and ‘sixes’ on the cricket field, it is Sachin Tendulkar. Remember how we all used to get goosebumps when he gracefully swept the ball off the boundary? He may not be playing anymore but he’ll forever be a great batsman, captain, player and amazing human being. Needless to say, Sachin Tendulkar is a true gem. 

Here are some unknown facts about the Master Blaster. 

1. This Legendary Cricketer Has A Musical History

Not many know this but when Sachin was born, his father, Ramesh Tendulkar, named him after the legendary music director Sachin Dev Burman.  He was a great fan of SD’s work and this is how Sachin got his name.

Sachin tendulkar

2. He Was Sent To Cricket Coaching Classes As A Punishment 

Did you know that long ago on one Sunday evening, a naughty Sachin fell from a tree. Seeing this, his brother, Ajit got angry and sent him to cricket coaching classes as a punishment.  

sachin 2

3. Boost Was The First Brand That Sachin Tendulkar Endorsed 

Didn’t we all drink Boost just because Sachin came in the Boost ads? (Please tell me I am not the only one!) Well, guess what, Boost was the first brand that Sachin endorsed. He featured alongside Kapil Dev for this health drink.  



4. He Likes To Have His Chai-Biscoot With A Spoon 

Now before you go all “whaaat”, let me tell you that he likes to dip his favourite biscuit in tea and then have it using a spoon. So that it does not fall back in the tea. 

Well, are you secretly Sachin when it comes to chai-biscuit? 

sachin 4

5. Junior Days = Sleep In Cricket Gear

Well, maybe he did that because he was too tired to change after a long tiring day of training or maybe he did that simply because he wanted to. Whatever be the reason, one thing is for sure, junior days were real tough on our young champ. 

sachin 5

6. Sachin Was A Huge Fan Of The Tennis Player John Mcenroe

Sachin looked up to him so much that his friends nicknamed him McEnroe. He even grew out his hair just like the tennis player for a while. Fanboying much?

sachin 6

7. Sachin Doesn’t Answer Any Calls Before His Match 

True to his craft, Sachin starts prepping for the match very early. And, we all know a good prep comes with eliminating all distractions. Sachin makes sure not to answer any calls. 

Once his brother ended up missing one of his matches only because Sachin didn’t pick up his call and he didn’t know which stadium to go to. 

sachin 7

Aila! Are you as shocked as we were after reading this? 


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