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With fewer accessories at your disposal, for men owning a good scent is extremely important. Be it for a casual dinner date or an important business meeting, it is essential to smell great and feel fantastic. After all, a spritz in time will help you score a 9! So, we are listing down the top 5 fragrances that every man must own. Considering that we are stepping into the festive season, these would be great buys for yourself or even gift your friends.  
1. Mr. Burberry Eau de Parfum by Burberry
An interpretation of the OG Mr. Burberry, this intense scent captures the essence of London nightlife with its warm and sensual fragrance. It’s got a woody scent with aromatic top notes of tarragon, cinnamon and patchouli. The perfume will be a bold and masculine addition to any man’s wardrobe and will leave him smelling divine! 
Price: Approximately Rs. 3500+ for 100 ml 
Top 5 Perfumes Every Man Must Own
2. BOSS Bottled Tonic eau de toilette by Hugo Boss
With a fresh, masculine twist the Boss Bottled Tonic is becoming a favourite among men. Its sophisticated citrus essence and bold woody notes, are a mesmerising combo that match every mood. It is also the perfect everyday scent that’s refreshing yet not overbearing.
Price: Approximately Rs. 5000+ for 100 ml 
Top 5 Perfumes Every Man Must Own
3. Calvin Klein One Gold by Calvin Klein
A great perfume for men in India, the Calvin Klein Gold is a limited addition perfume that has a captivating fragrance with fresh, woody accents. The top note of fig creates an instant appeal while its long lasting quality works well. A famed brand, Calvin Klein Gold would be a great buy ahead of the festive season. 
Price: Approximately Rs. 3,500 + for 100 ml 
Top 5 Perfumes Every Man Must Own
4. Tom Ford Noir by Tom Ford
A sensual fragrance with oriental tones, this perfume is for the urban man that’s classy and intriguing. Just like the brand, this spicy fragrance brings out the best in men. This would be a great pick to wear for a party or night out as the strong fragrance will surely make heads turn. This versatile scent is a must-own for every man and makes for a great gift too. 
Price:  Approximately Rs. 11,000+ for 100 ml
Top 5 Perfumes Every Man Must Own
5. Versace Man Eau Fraiche EDT by Versace
With notes of rose wood, cedar leaves and white lemon among others, this vibrant scent will be a refreshing addition to your perfume collection. The captivating fragrance can be worn effortless for evening soirees and will surely make you feel more desirable. 
Price: Approximately Rs. 3600+ for 100 ml
Top 5 Perfumes Every Man Must Own
These luxurious perfumes smell divine with their refreshing notes and long-lasting scents. Perfect to wear for any occasion, the perfumes in this list will help you choose your next fragrant investment.
Image Credits: Burberry, Amazon, Versace, Tom Ford & Hugo Boss
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