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Olivia D'silva
“You Don’t Need To Keep Trying To Get Our Attention. We See You” 
If bartenders were honest, trust us we would be sipping our usual drink at home instead of going out. Not to be biased towards the hunks serving us from the other side of the bar counter, but believe us when we say this, they are tired of us asking for recommendations or you snapping your fingers to get their attention. 
No, your bartender does not hate you, in fact our in-house alcohol guru - Zachary Abbott, Brand Ambassador for Diageo, got talking and spilled the beans on the things you should stop doing when you visit a bar. 
1) “I’ll Have Whatever He’s Having”
Too many times people come to the bar and order 5 gins or 5 scotches, just to impress someone else. 
Don’t let the crowd dictate your drinking habits. Imbibing is a treat so treat it as such, have what YOU want, YOUR way. 

Things Bartenders Want You To Stop Doing
2) Snapping Your Fingers, Shouting And Waving Money
We are professional bartenders we saw you approach the bar. You can see it’s a busy day at the bar, you can see that by the sweat running off our foreheads. We are going to get to you.
Please be patient. if you snap your fingers, wave or shout at us, be prepared for a long wait. 
Things Bartenders Want You To Stop Doing
3) Don’t Cut The Line
Remember just getting to the front does not mean you will be served.  Any decent bartender who sees this will serve you in second gear for sure.
Come on man, don’t be rude. Others have been waiting for a while too. 
Things Bartenders Want You To Stop Doing
4) We Don’t Really Care If You’re Some Hotshot
If you really are someone you don’t need to let us know.  
Leave your name-dropping and ego at the door, no such thing as a VIP baby.
Things Bartenders Want You To Stop Doing
5) Ask For Free Drinks
Seriously, dude? We work in hospitality, you buy us a drink!
Just don’t! 
Things Bartenders Want You To Stop Doing
6) Everyone Knows The Owner
If you really knew the owner you would know they are in this business to make money, pay your bill. 
Stop telling us you know/are related to the owner, this is not a goodwill. 
Things Bartenders Want You To Stop Doing
7) Ask To Keep Your Bag/Coat Behind The Bar
We are not a coat check, anything you give over the bar is at your own risk.  We have enough to worry about. 
We can’t keep an eye on your things. Stop asking us to keep them behind the bar. 
Things Bartenders Want You To Stop Doing
8) Asking To Charge Your Phone 
Be an adult. Charge your phone before leaving the house.
Do you want us to refill your drink or charge your phone? You decide!
Things Bartenders Want You To Stop Doing
9) Know When You’ve Had Enough
Yes, we care about you, but you got to care about yourself too! If we cut you off please respect that and don’t forget to #drinkresponsibly always.  We want you to have a fun and safe night. Don’t go overboard. 
Things Bartenders Want You To Stop Doing
10) Don’t Call Me Your Buddy 
I’m your bartender pal but yes, we can still be friends and friends use each other’s names.
Please don’t call me buddy, I’m not your buddy. 
Things Bartenders Want You To Stop Doing

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