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Dost kab yaar bana, pata nahi chala!

We have friends and then we have yaars and we love them to pieces. We may have pictures with our friends on social media but our behind-the-scenes with our yaars are just for our eyes only. Because if it had to go up, we’d be caught red-handed in yaari. 

Having said that, don’t we all have friends who became yaars while talking and tagging each other in memes? Well, we know you agree with us!

This article is dedicated to all those yaars whose yaari has become stronger thanks to the countless memes shared with each other. 

So, get reading because we bet you’ll nod your head in agreement one meme at a time! 

This is how our friend became our yaar!
#ThatOneYaar Who Only Talks In Memes

Friends more like family!
#ThatOneYaar Who Only Talks In Memes

Sometimes our yaars are busy, but what better way than to share a meme letting them know you miss them?
#ThatOneYaar Who Only Talks In Memes

Haven’t we all been here before?
#ThatOneYaar Who Only Talks In Memes

That moment when your yaar introduces you to new people, but you’re too scared and aren’t good with small talk.
#ThatOneYaar Who Only Talks In Memes

When you know you only talk to your yaar and vent out all your problems to. Especially the different conversations happening at the same time on Whatsapp and Instagram.
#ThatOneYaar Who Only Talks In Memes

When your yaari is solely based on tagging each other in memes
#ThatOneYaar Who Only Talks In Memes

When your yaar pays no attention to you!
#ThatOneYaar Who Only Talks In Memes

Shout out to all your friends turned yaars and continue your meme banter

Party harder

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