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10m ago

Indian Artists That Are Not Mainstream, Yet So Good!

Ujjwala Sinha
You've probably not heard about them yet, but they'll soon be on your playlist.

Music is probably the best thing that happened after gravity. I mean, you just have to play a track and the world seems like a better place, right? 

No matter what the mood is, there is always something to hum along. Sad? Play Channa Mereya. Happy? How about Chaiyya Chaiyya? Want to party? Put on Kala Chashma. The options are endless. But when you don’t know what mood you’re in then let these not-so-mainstream artists define it for you. 

1. The Local Train 

If you want to experience rock music in a more Indian sense, then you have met your match. To put it simply, Local Train = Soft emotions getting a rock makeover. Filled with gripping guitar solos and catchy tunes, this band should be your go-to option for everything. If you haven’t checked them out before then you should definitely try their hit - Dilnawaz 


2. Xubaan

Don’t you sometimes get bored of listening to the same type of music over and over again? If yes, then explore this not-so-regular-band who plays a lot of reggae music. Xubaan is like the band next door. Chill. Happy. And very reggae! Once you listen to them, you will never be the same. Try their latest release Raasta and thank us later.

3. Sandunes 

When it comes to the Indian Electronics Scene of India, we cannot miss Sanaya Ardeshir. She is the brains behind Sandunes, which is the most remarkable thing you will come across. Her project “Does Bombay Dream of NOLA” tells a story in the most unthinkable manner through music. You have to check it out asap. 

4. Prabh Deep 

If you listen to Prabh Deep, you feel as if you have met a rough and tough guy with all the right logic. Putting across his POV through his mind-blowing rap, he will steal your attention before you even know it. If you are impressed already then listen to his rap in the track, “Suno” 

5. Dhruv Vishvanath

If you haven’t heard of Dhruv Vishvanath, then stop whatever you’re doing and head to his YouTube page. Ranked in the list of “30 Great Guitarist Under 30 list” by the Acoustic Guitar Magazine, he stands tall with names like Ed Sheeran. Listen to his song “Four” and lose yourself in the melody.

6. A Mutual Question 

Bringing their newness to the music scene of India, A Mutual Question is all about instrumental music. Turn their music on and watch yourself sway to their tune. Gripping, engaging, and strong is what their USP is. Don’t believe us? Check out “Stangeloop” to see it yourself. 

Now that you know some really good Indian artists that are not yet mainstream, go on check them out already. And, if you want to tag along your yaars while you do that, I have just the song for you! Listen to Sanam's latest single and jam the night away! 



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