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They say that our yaars are the family we choose for ourselves. No matter if we're happy or sad, we turn to them to share our feelings. Who but our sacha yaars would take out the time to listen to our non-stop cribbing over the phone? Life without them would be a dull affair. 

They are the custodians of our secrets and know us better than ourselves. They're the ones who come to our rescue in time of need and put a smile on our face. No matter where life takes us, we know they have our back. 

Over the years, the small screen has aired many fabulous TV shows that brought alive this yaari on our television screens. These desi and pardesi shows beautifully portrayed what our relationship with our yaars looks like.

Here is a list of our favourite television yaars and their yaaris.

1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Wouldn’t it be amazing living with or right next to your BFFS? This iconic TV show is the most popular show ever. The friendship between all of them is truly magical. The jodi of Joey and Chandler living across the hall to Monica and Rachel and their misadventures made us miss our own saccha yaars. Well, you know how the show's opening title credits gos, "I'll be there for you"

Get Your Dose Of Yaari From These Favourite TV Yaars 

Credits: Akspic

2. The Big Bang Theory 

The Big Bang Theory is not just about nerds and science — it's about yaars. This hit show brilliantly portrays yaars and their har din ki takraar-that we have come to love. From the unlikely relationship between Leonard and Sheldon to the one between Penny and Amy, this show gave us some incredibly happy and funny moments to cherish. TBBT also gave us one of the most important ways to explain yaari - the Friendship Algorithm. 

 Get Your Dose Of Yaari From These Favourite TV Yaars

Credits: Screen Rant

3. The Office

Does anyone really know us better than the people we work with? The co-workers on "The Office" were not just colleagues but also yaars. This fan-favourite series depicted the everyday lives of employees working for a fictional Paper company. Through all the chaos and deadlines, they always came together to help each other in some of their happiest and toughest times. Don't you miss them? We sure do.

Get Your Dose Of Yaari From These Favourite TV Yaars

Credits: TV Insider

4. Left Right Left

This hit series was based on the Kanchanjunga Military Academy where six cadets Naina, Amardeep, Ali, Aalekh, Yadhuvansh, and Pooja came to serve the nation. The story portrayed the sense of duty these cadets had towards their country. Times got really tough for the Indian youth as they faced many obstacles in their way, but the unbreakable bond of yaari gave them the collective strength to beat the odds and make it through with flying colours. 

 Get Your Dose Of Yaari From These Favourite TV Yaars

Image Credits – IMDB

5. Pitchers

Pitchers follows the life of four best friends Naveen, Jitu, Yogi, and Mandal. The story begins with them quitting their day jobs to enter the start-up world by launching their own company. The yaari they share gives them the strength to fight adversity and find success. This show is a must watch for all the yaars who dream of working together. When in doubt, just remember "Tu beer hai!"

 Get Your Dose Of Yaari From These Favourite TV Yaars

Credits: Word Press

6. 2 Broke Girls

These two ladies formed an unlikely yaari working at a diner. They showed us how to bounce back from some bad luck and push through all the hurdles. Max and Caroline were co-workers, roommates and sacha yaars till the end. It was fun and entertaining to watch them bond over cupcakes and cook up schemes to earn a quick buck. *Girl Power* 

Get Your Dose Of Yaari From These Favourite TV Yaars 

Credits: TBS

The strong bond of yaari is not always a balanced equation, but sooner or later it always comes through. Do you know of any similar shows that make you all nostalgic for the good old days? Tell us in the comments below.  

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