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The Travelling Billboard - Johnnie strides through unchartered India

With exploration at heart, Johnnie Walker is out on a journey of unravelling the unexplored. Walking the uncharted lands, #TheTravellingBillboard brings to you breathtaking views from the hidden gems of India. 

From the freezing snowcap mountains to the extreme heat of the deserts, the travelling billboard is on a mission to capture everything that is waiting to be explored. 

To inspire a generation to make their own discoveries, we’ve managed to get hold of the best travel photographers. And we set them on a journey to search for the perfect picture that will do justice to this epic journey of the travelling billboard. Will they be able to do so? Well, let’s see. 

Exploring Ladakh

Nitish Walia, Mohit Behl, Ishita Dharniharka, Zaid Salman and Navaneeth Unnikrishnan began their journey from the closest place to the moon called Moonland Lamayuru village to Rainbow mountains and finally, they chose a place where two streams meet - Sangam, Ladakh. 
Sangam literally means “ to meet”  its the confluence of River Indus and Zanskar.
Fun Fact: The Zanskar River freezes completely during the winters and is called Chadar (This is the only chadar that doesn’t keep you warm)
The beauty here beats your imagination, doesn’t it? 

Captured by @theroutecause, Mohit Behl


By @Navaneeth_unnikrishnan


By @nitishwalia


Exploring Johnny’s Gorge, Andaman

Now that we’re done with the mountains, skies, deserts and rivers, it’s time for Johnnie to explore the world which is deep, down and under. Sumer Verma aka @luminousdeep with his team managed to introduce Johnnie to Johnny! This is the first time a billboard has travelled 100 ft deep under the ocean. How cool is that? After watching this video, I’ve already set my travel goals for 2020.

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So here is the final result of 2 days and a number of dives later . This was not easy ! But I think we finally managed to do this campaign justice and got what we had set out to and maybe a bit more . The depth , the weight of the billboard , the strong currents were all part of the challenges we faced apart from the fact that we had to find a suitable place to rest it without damaging the reef in any way . And then of course to drive the fish into the frame , get the diver into the perfect position , there were a lot of moving parts but here we are . A superb experience trying to bring this “big idea” to life . Delighted that this is now going to be on a billboard near you and incase you do catch it pls take an image and send it back to me with a tag . Hope this inspires people to travel more and explore this magical planet . 🙏 🌍 ❤️ a sincere thanks to all involved . Couldn’t have done it without you’ll . #Spon #TheTravellingBillboard #JohnnieWalkerTheJourney #sumervermaphotography #underwaterphotography #oceanlove #onassignment #picoftheday #canonphotography #justaddwater #padi #lacadives #incredibleindia #andamanislands #havlock #johnysgorge #epic #createdonthate @paditv @discoverocean @johnniewalkerindia @tara.oceanista @divershaiver @zinstagran @prudhvi_ainsel @kid.anarchist @sukesh_viswanath @vipulsalvi @jessicasadana @only1sky_project @theopeningspell @kapil_tyagii @afzu_tulu @beardmanlights

A post shared by Sumer Verma (@luminousdeep) on

@luminousdeep, Sumer Verma



The Thar Desert - Jaisalmer

Explored by Bobby Joshi, Siddharth Samant and Nishchay Jain it is evident that royalty, forts and stories are some of the elements that make Rajasthan hauntingly beautiful (Quite literally) They started the journey from Kuldhara, a cursed village, which is empty and deserted. There’s nobody residing in the village, but as the sun sets, you can hear voices in this abandoned town. Anyway, post this they continued their journey and witnessed the magic of Kanoi dunes and decided to capture the beauty of the barren. 


By Nischay Jain aka @meinbhiphotographer


By Bobbyjoshii


They say, every picture tells a story. And I can see from the above pictures have weaved a beautiful story that makes me want to travel. So, I’m going to make some plans and hit the road! And if you’re looking for some more inspiration, please visit thetravellingbillboard or follow #TheTravellingBillboard because the journey has just begun!  

*Celebrate Responsibly


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