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Let your taste buds explore the city of Bengaluru!

If you’re a foodie like me, you’ve got to visit namma Bengaluru! Seriously, whatever your craving might be, they’ll be put to rest. I promise.

So, get set to give your tastebuds the treat it deserves! Be it with a little bit of Ogarne (tadka) or the most succulent chicken wings or a plateful of flavoursome biryani. Whatever your foodie dreams are made of, Bengaluru will turn it into your yummiest reality.

Here’s a list of places where you can indulge to the fullest!
1. Glen’s Bakehouse, Indiranagar

This place is my absolute fave! Nestled in Indiranagar, next to Toit, Glen’s is a ‘must -visit’ kind of place. They serve the best pizzas and desserts. If you’re someone who gets stuck in food dilemmas, just order a pizza and cupcakes. Go for it, I say!


2. Meghana Biryani, Koramangala
When in Bengaluru, have a biryani! And if you want to add some spice to life, just have a biryani at Meghana’s. Located in Koramangala, this place is usually packed with the college crowd. But, it’s worth the wait.


3. Plan B, Shantinagar
When life throws lemons at you, just wing it! Housed in Shantinagar and Indiranagar this place serves the juiciest wings ever. There are a lot of places in Bengaluru that serve chicken wings, but none of them can beat Plan B. Also, always remember, the messier the better. 


4. Truffles, Cunningham Road
Branched out in areas like Koramangala and Cunningham road, Truffles Aka Ice and Spice is one of the most popular places in Bengaluru. Be it desserts, burgers, steaks, cakes or pastas, this place offers all things yummy! My personal favourite is the Tandoori Chicken Burger and the chocolate tart. What’s yours?


Image Credits: DineOut

5. Watson’s, Ulsoor
Almost every Bangalorean loves this place. One of the most popular branches is located in Ulsoor. This place is every non-vegetarians paradise. Especially, if you’re craving for some authentic Coorgi food, try their pandi dry or pork pepper fry. Actually, just go ahead and order anything from the menu. You won’t be disappointed.


Be it street food,  breakfast,  momos, dosas and all things yum, you’ll love it. Because when it comes to food, nobody’s going to tell you “adjust maadi.”

 So, pour yourself some Black and White whisky and relish the flavours of this city.

*Drink Responsibly