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Isaac Newton said, “No great discovery was ever made without a bold guess” and he was right!
You’d think ‘I Sacked Newton’ is some science experiment, but really, it is an English-themed pub in Noida, with a variety of global cuisines to choose from and the renowned warmth of Indian hospitality! Surprised? well, I was!

i sacked newton

This large pub is complete with a DJ console that is fancily decorated, a HUGE bar, a very English interior set up and a typical London café styled outdoor seating. This little mish-mash of everything makes perfect sense in an inexplicable way - much like the law of Gravity, and the laws of motion.
The play on the name for this place gave the nerd in me something to look forward to. Honestly, before I saw the place, I thought it would be one of those goofy places with things styled upside down. But one look at the jade entrance and gold lettering, and I knew this was going to be interesting!

Sprawling across the fifth floor at Logix City Centre in Noida, this place offers song and dance, food and drinks, and fun all under the same roof! Their puns are more subtle than you think- it’s very family-friendly for a pub; they have quirky cocktails and you literally can defy eating norms by pairing your North Indian starters with Continental main-course, and a side of Italian wood-fired pizzas. 

yellow cocktail
Now let’s talk about the cocktails on the menu. There was a variety to choose from-classic to signature but their vodka-based signature cocktails are a must-try.

The London Basilica
Holy Moly! This smokey concoction was delish, garnished with the tiniest mint leaf. The Smirnoff vodka and passion fruit combination was unique and memorable. I imagine that’s why they named it ‘London Basilica’.  Smirnoff, is known to blend well in cocktails and leave a pleasant and prominent after-taste that is unique to the brand. This cocktail looked good, and tasted better than it looked. This signature cocktail is a definite yay! 

smirnoff cocktail london basilica


The Appletini
Applying the theory of relativity, ‘Apple’ to Newton can be related to the ‘Appletini’ at ‘I sacked Newton’! This cocktail party- a play on the martini, is nothing like the martini except the glass it is served in. A mix-up with the famous Smirnoff vodka, apple schnapps and liqueur, this drink is subtle and sweet. I think the apple falling on Newton’s head gave us a great lesson to learn, ‘I sacked Newton’ played along the pun really well!

smirnoff cocktail appletini


The Cosmopolitan
‘I sacked Newton’ is many things, and one of them is genuine. My server suggested that we should  try their classic cocktails as well, because they were as good as their signatures! I obliged and I can say I’m glad I did! While it was everything you’d expect from a tried and tested cocktail recipe, I think that the effort of service and preparation made all the difference. They know how to make a mean cocktail, and while their signatures stand out, you would enjoy a classic here too!


The ratio of food and drink are directly proportional for a good time. So, I dove into their expansive menu for a little taste of nearly everything my palate craved.  

Disclaimer: If my stomach did not have limitations in terms of how much food it can hold, trust me I would have ordered a whole lot more!

Chicken and Chives Crystal Dimsums
‘Well-made and well-presented’ is only the beginning of everything that this dish had working for it. The tapioca dough stuffed with chicken, chives, bell peppers and what not, were flavourful and tasty. The sauces that accompanied the dish were so authentic and delicious, although the dimsums were awesome on their own too. 

chicken dimsums i sacked newton

Herb and Chicken Ravioli
The pastas here are supposed to be great. But, I somehow felt a little let down by the humble-looking dish on my plate. The pasta was well-cooked, the sauce was tangy  and the mozzarella was there too. But it was missing the zing! I think they did a modest job with the ravioli, but knowing that they apparently have really good pasta, I was expecting a REALLY good Ravioli. Alas another time!

ravioli i sacked newton

The Farmer’s Delight Pizza
A thin-crust-11 inch-woodfired-oven-baked pizza is the solution to all problems- except maybe math problems (although around exam time, pizza is the solution to EVERYTHING.) This vegetable wonder is probably the answer to what kids should eat but don’t, the filling kind of food we all crave and a pretty picture. The dough, toppings and cheese are all well-balanced and taste great. If you want to see the chef prepare your pizza and pop it in the oven, you can do that too! 

pizza i sacked newton

They have jam sessions, a live band on occasions and even celebrate all the big parties like New Years’. You could go for the name or the food or the fun. The travel to this place (easily accessible by the blue line metro) is totally worth it.

‘I sacked Newton’ is a complete package. Their food and drinks show off the effort and professionalism with which they are cooked, laid-out and served. The servers are friendly and the place literally suits all occasions and any type of gathering- a bunch of friends, a family, a bachelorette, whatever you want! The ambience and setting add to the aura around the place. So gather your atoms/apples/friends and just go there! Science or not, doesn’t matter because it will all make sense. 

Rate Card
4.5 out of 5
Cocktails: 4 out of 5
Ambience: 4.5 out of 5
Staff: 4.5 out of 5
Value for money: 4 out of 5

*Drink Responsibly!


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