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Because, the messier, the better

Okay, I’ve officially fallen in love with this place! Seriously, when people ask me to think about my happy place, I just close my eyes and think of Dirty Buns. Why, you ask? Because everything on this menu is dirty! (Dirty in a good way) No, I’m not making this up. Their menu has sections like dirty buns, dirty rolls, dirty bites and sweet and dirty. 


Why is this place called Dirty Buns?

Admit it! When you first heard the name ‘Dirty Buns’, your mind definitely went back to the famous song sung by Nicky Minaj. We went there too *wink* but we decided to ask Chef Kim Boo about the reason behind the name.
And here’s the gist of what he said - If you ignore the pun, Dirty Buns essentially means messier the food, the yummier it is! He just wanted a place where people can feel at home. You know, a place where you can just kick your shoes off, roll your sleeves, put your forks aside and eat your food with your bare hands. A place where you can let the sauce run over your chin and just indulge.

About the decor

The warm, golden, deep room – lined with bricks and chains, a big neon pink “let's get dirty” sign, light wooden tables and delicately carved chairs give you a cosy, and feel-at-home vibe. What’s more? There are these tiny television sets on the wall that remind you of the 80’s. Feeling nostalgic yet?


Now let’s get to the important bit. Food and cocktails!

Dirty Bun Martini 
Dirty bun martini is a gin-based drink that includes dill leaves, lime cordial and pickle juice. Sounds yum, right? Well, it tasted even better! 


Dirty Mary
When I looked at this drink, I was like “since when did Mary start wearing hats?” Yep. This Vodka cocktail comes with a bao on top! It also includes mustard, tomato juice, tamarind, celery and black pepper. So, eat. sip. repeat! 


Crispy Prawn
The minute it arrived at my table, I just couldn’t stop myself but marvel at how crispy those prawns were! I mean, imagine the juiciest prawns covered with batter and deep-fried to perfection with pyaar. 
Oh yeah!! And that’s not it, it’s served with jalapenos, freshly made chili sauce with a drizzle of parsley and all things yum. 
You know those crispy crumbs that remain in the end? Yeah, these were dipped in sauce and till the very last bite, they remained crunchy. 


Lobster Roll
Are you bread-y for this one? You can never go wrong with lobster rolls! Fresh lobster sandwiched between warm bread, served with garlic butter and some crispy onions on top. Drooling yet? 
If you really love your food, you need to pour the entire butter on your bread. The butter should ooze out the roll and run through your fingers. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about!


Char Sui Pork Belly 
I have two words to describe this: Bao wow! Okay, to be honest, that bao was like a fluffy cloud that carried the most tender and succulent piece of pork that ever existed on this planet. Hands down! You might think I’m exaggerating, but trust me on this one, it is the most balanced, flavourful piece of meat you’ll ever eat. 


Chocolate Donut

When I saw this dessert for the first time, I knew I was in love. Seriously, sweet dreams are made of this! If you imagined a round doughnut with chocolate on top, you’re so wrong! This eclair shaped donut is filled with the creamiest chocolate mousse and bits of dark chocolate and cookie crumbs. It’s all forms of chocolate coming together and letting your palate have a party.


I’ll never be over this one. I mean, it looks beautiful from every angle! Whoever said “eat your dessert first” was so right. 


Like I said before, this is my happy place. Because you can just place your order blindly and you won’t regret. So, just get set and indulge like I did!


Here's the rate card-

Food: 5 out of 5
Cocktails: 4 out of 5
Ambience: 5 out of 5
Staff: 5 out of 5
Value for money: 4 out of 5

Chef and SocialGoat recommend: Everything on the menu! Just go for it. But since I have to pick one thing, go for the chocolate donut. 

And if you’re a messy eater and don’t mind getting your fingers dirty, you need to check out this show on Netflix. You’ll love it, I promise!

*Drink Responsibly!



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