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Think You Know Where To Get The Best Butter Chicken In Mumbai?

Saylee Padwal
Ekdum maska!

A good butter chicken consistently ranks as the unofficial national dish of India, and Mumbai’s many restaurants know how to cook it just right.

Ranging from those serving pocket-friendly meals to ones offering a fine-dining experience, these restaurants will leave you thinking of a second visit while you’re still eating your first meal there.

So, keep calm, curry on and make a note of these places serving the best butter chicken out there!


Goila Butter Chicken, Lower Parel

From representing this Indian favourite on Masterchef Australia to making Mumbaikars drool at the mere thought of it, Saransh Goila has given Butter Chicken a new, refreshing taste. With the perfect buttery gravy, to succulent chicken pieces, Goila serves it with the fluffiest of kulchas and the silkiest of roomali rotis. The Lunch Thali available at their Flea Bazaar Cafe pop-up, is reasonably priced and comes with dal makhana, rice, salad and roti along with the butter chicken!

Think You Know Where To Get The Best Butter Chicken In Mumbai?



Copper Chimney, BKC

Copper Chimney is an ode to secret recipes and cooking techniques from across North India. While serving a melange of flavours and ingredients which are best described as comforting, the restaurant chain is on every Mumbaikar’s top 5 list when it comes to Indian food. Their immensely popular Murg Makhni has boneless pieces of tandoori chicken simmered in a thick tomato and butter gravy, accented with dry fenugreek.




Jantar Mantar, Juhu

A place synonymous with late-night orders, Jantar Mantar offers a fresh and flavourful take on Awadhi and North Indian cuisine. Most loved for it’s filling rolls and naan turnovers, you’ll always find crowds thronging outside it, especially when its dinnertime. Their Chicken Makhanwala which is thick and rich has just the right balance between being creamy and tangy.




Bagdadi, Colaba

Easy on the pocket and heavy on the flavours, Bagdadi has been a fan favourite when it comes to Mughlai cuisine on a budget. The service is quick and the quantity, ample. Arrive early and grab a seat before you have to deal with their long waiting lines. But, well, the wait is worth the satisfied smile and full belly you’ll be left with after the meal! The humble but, super comforting combination of Butter Chicken and Tandoori Roti make for a memorable meal.



Mini Punjab, Powai

Think Mini Punjab and think leisurely family outings over pots of biryanis and tikkas. The multi-outlet chain in Mumbai has been dishing out the best that Punjabi cuisine has to offer since decades, and still remains loved. Remember the Dara Singh Thali trend? Just one of the many offerings that Mini Punjab is popular for. And their velvety, warmly spiced Butter Chicken-Delhi Style is finger-lickingly delicious!



Fancy a bowl of butter chicken now? Of course you do!





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