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You're in for a special experience!

Flashback to summer 2018.
You’re waiting to get entry into your favourite bar to watch the IPL finale. You wait until you get a table only to get cramped somewhere in the corner unsatisfied with the view.
Sorry for re-igniting those horrid memories but, we just don’t want you to experience them again this year. This year we went snooping around the nooks and crannies of your city to find you places that are easy on the eyes and pocket during the match!

So, join your city’s most die-hard fans at these not-so-popular viewing spots, where game day means a good time and city pride reigns supreme!

Sunlight, Marine Lines

Who doesn’t have memories associated with Sunlight? One of South Mumbai’s best kept secrets, Sunlight is what you’d define as a dive bar, complete with a dark ambience, affordable drinks, and even a jukebox! Directly across the street from the popular Metro cinemas, the old-school space is perfect for large groups and tons of conversations.  So grab your friends, order a few drinks, and start debating over who’s going home with the coveted IPL trophy!

Chin Lung, Residency Road

If you’ve been in Bengaluru for a while and haven’t ever visited Chin Lung, we are going to judge you! The ultimate throwback to days with emptier pockets, this place evokes memories of its legendary garlic chicken and masala papad every time you hear its name. With it’s new renovation and contemporary look though, it makes for a perfect venue to cheer for your favourite team as they score those chaukas and chakkas!

My Bar Square, Connaught Place

Full of happy vibes and situated in the popular Connaught Place, My Bar is not just a place to get affordable drinks as we remember it. With live music, excellent service, and a huge screen to cheer at, it is a prime spot to spend your weekend night in. Root for your team and celebrate with tasty tipples, good company, and plenty of delicious bar nibbles!

Moulin Rogue, Park Street Area,

With its iconic windmill façade, reminiscent of quaint Amsterdam lanes, Moulin Rouge is iconic in every right. One of the oldest bars in the city, it has dim lights, a low-key classy ambience, and regular live music sessions. While it’s not the kind of place you’d usually watch a match at, Moulin Rouge will give you a chance to experience it sans the bothersome hoots. A total win-win if you’re in it to win it, we say!

Tiki Shack, Gachibowli

Even if you’ve never been to Tiki Shack, we’re sure you’ve heard your pals raving about it’s Goan shack vibes and amazing menu. So, don’t be shocked if all of Gachibowli decides to flock here on match day. We totally understand why! Watch the boys in action as you nosh on splendid bar bites, and sip on their easy-on-the-pocket selection of tipples. We are particularly partial towards the Long Island Iced Tea.

Now that you’re in on the most hush-hush places you could visit for a delectable dose of cricket, get your pom poms ready, will you?



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