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Welcome aboard, foodies! This is going to be a drool-worthy ride featuring Indian cuisine in a never-seen-before avatar!

Gone are the days when Indian cuisine only meant OG butter chicken, dal makhani or paneer butter masala. Today, the food landscape at Indian restaurants is changing with chefs ready to experiment and win food-lovers with their Instagram-worthy presentations and international cooking techniques taking food fusion to another level. Creating millennial food trends with a fusion ka tadka to age-old family recipes is slowly becoming the norm.
We present to you the top restaurants that are transforming the culinary scene and satiating our hunger pangs in ways we never thought possible.

Farzi Café, Gurgaon 

Farzi café became an instant hit among foodies with its clever use of molecular gastronomy to transform an otherwise routine Indian cuisine dish. Every dish on the menu has an Indian-ised twist. So, you can devour stuff like burgers with a mutton galouti inside, an upside-down raj kachori paired with tamarind chutney foam and crispy okra or the regular Maggi cooked in truffle oil and seared foie gras. 
Must-Try Dish: Their Goat Cheese Stuffed Tangdi Kebab and Duck Samosa are to die for. 

farzi cafe gurgaon

The Bombay Canteen, Mumbai

The Bombay Canteen celebrates Indian cuisine by taking local ingredients and turning a traditional dish into a world-class one at par with any international menu. We love their modern makeover of desi food like their Seafood Bhel. Their Tandoori Pork Spare Ribs topped with a spicy jaggery glaze alongside green beans is a common favourite of many. Pair it with a glass of Black and White whisky and your evening is sorted.
Must-Try Dish: Kejriwal Toast (their modern take on Eggs Benedict) and Red Snapper Ceviche are definitely worth drooling for.

the bombay canteen mumbai


Tata Cha, Bangalore

Tata Cha takes innovative cooking to another level with the ultimate aim of satisfying your progressive palate. Showcasing flavours that centuries have sworn by, the chefs at Tata Cha infuse funky twists to make every dish stand out. Plus, the affordable prices and friendly vibes at the restaurant also act in its favour and manage to draw crowds any time of the day. 
Must-Try Dish: Their Butter Chicken Khichdi and Chicken Saag with Makke Di Roti are designed to make you fall in love with Indian food all over again.

tata cha bangalore

Indian Accent, New Delhi

If there's one thing that Indian Accent gets bang on, it's transforming Indian comfort food into unimaginable haute cuisine. The fusion-y menu is not just a treat for the eyes but a burst of flavours to pamper your taste buds as well. From their meetha achaar pork ribs to ghee roast mutton boti, you are truly spoilt for choice here.
Must-Try Dish: Their Chilli Hoisin Duck Kulcha and Chili Peanut Ice Cream Cornet take home the trophy.

indian accent new delhi

All this food talk has got us hungry. And you?

*Drink Responsibly!


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