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Splurge On Food On A Budget At These 5 Spots In Kolkata

Splurging done the right way!
As foodies, you have to agree when we say the first thing on our mind is to explore as many eatery joints as we can to try newer dishes every time we go out. As exciting as this may be, we know that this can make our wallets smaller, and boy, don't we hate it when money comes in the way of good food? But worry no more fellas, because we have got you covered for such situations. 
We have curated a list of the top 5 spots in Kolkata where you can binge to your heart’s content without worrying about it pinching your wallet. So, let’s dig in.
1. Aminia - Chinar Park
This is one of the most popular addas of locals who throng the place almost throughout the day. The insanely low prices for the incredibly good food served here makes this eating joint a winner. There’s nothing lavish about the interiors here, but you won’t complain once your food is on the table.
We GOAT Your Back: Their Mutton Chaap and Rumali Rotis are a total hit. 
Splurge On Food On A Budget At These 5 Spots In Kolkata

2. MUD- Gariahat
Looking for some lip-smacking finger food? This is your heaven right here. MUD is also well-known in the city for serving the best sandwiches EVER. What makes this café stand out from the rest is the achingly-beautiful Rabindra Sangeet in the background. No wonder locals and tourists alike love the ambience here and keep coming back ever so often.
We GOAT Your Back: Their Mexican Chicken Sandwich and signature Chocolate MUD cake are our favourite.
Splurge On Food On A Budget At These 5 Spots In Kolkata

3. New United Café, Behala
This is one of the busiest joints which is almost always brimming with foodies. If you are on a perpetual hunt for scrumptious and authentic South Indian food in Kolkata, this is your place of food worship. The simple and unassuming café has been around since the ‘80s and still gives a tough competition to the nearby eating joints.

We GOAT Your Back: Their Butter Onion Masala Dosa and Veg Pulao are absolute must-haves.

Splurge On Food On A Budget At These 5 Spots In Kolkata

4. The Nest Café, Jadavpur 
This cutesy café has a nice and cosy ambiance. Just park yourself in your favourite corner and catch up with your friends over their super-delicious food items. Almost all the dishes on the menu are priced low so you can easily accommodate them in your budget without feeling guilty about splurging on food. 

We GOAT Your Back: Their Roasted Chicken Salad and Crispy Chicken are a treat to the taste buds.

Splurge On Food On A Budget At These 5 Spots In Kolkata

5. Royal Indian Restaurant, Park Circus
The interior decor here is pretty simple and gives you homely vibes. People come here often for its great service and welcoming staff who won't shy away from giving their own special dish suggestions. The food is moderately priced so you don’t end up spending way too much. 

We GOAT Your Back: Their Mughlai Biryani and Chicken Chaanp are a real hit with the frequenters. You really should try them out.

Splurge On Food On A Budget At These 5 Spots In Kolkata

Next time you are in the city and find your tummies grumbling, you know where to go!


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