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Seriously, there are no 'buts' about hanging out at The Boston Butt.

You can already tell that this is going to be a good review, but let me break it down for you... The Boston Butt is where slow-cooked, tender, juicy meat meets delicious, tongue-hugging cocktails. Are you drooling already? Good! Now keep reading.

bosto butt

Neighbouring the Irish House in Bandra, the Boston Butt is India’s first smokery, charcuterie, bar and cafe. Their cooking technique is borrowed from the pre-Prohibition era in America, where the whole focus is on slow-cooking meat for a good 12 hours so that the final serving is just a magical, fall-off-the-bone kind of experience. In short, the food is cooked low and slow i.e. just the way you’ll like it. 

The restaurant has the pre-Prohibition era theme down to the last tile and you can see this not just in the cuisine but the decor, music and the bar too. Overall, the vibe is perfect for a catch-up session with your friends or even a fun date night. But to be honest, I could see myself coming here alone after a long day of work just to unwind.

And if you like what you're reading so far, let me tell you that there's so much more in store! First let's begin with my three favourite words from this evening: ‘whisky’, ‘banana’ and ‘chocolate’! 

Freudian Slip
You don't like pineapple on your pizza? I won't fight that. But a whisky, banana and chocolate cocktail is just the perfect confusion of drinks, dessert and adventure. This delightful concoction was made with Johnnie Walker Black Label, banana gomme, toasted hazelnut and chocolate bitters. Yum!

boston butt

Crumb Founded
Next, we tried an excellent cookie cocktail. It is a mix of house chocolate chip cookie crumbs, Talisker whisky and balanced with white star anise smoke and orange bitters. In short, this cocktail is a mouthful of “dough my goodness!”. Perhaps we went a little overboard with the chocolate and whisky cocktail combination but trust me, no regrets there!

bostonn butt

Smoked Boeuf Chilly
Tender chunks of beef enveloped in a deep, spicy and smoky sauce with tossed vegetables. You can’t go wrong with that! The Smoked Boeuf Chilly is a great dish to accompany your drinks but you can safely assume that it’s not the most exciting dish on the menu. The onions, red chillies and peppers overpower the dish making it taste rather average. Would I try it again? 
Probably not. 

boston butt

The Bourgeois Pig
Pigs in a blanket is a genius idea. But pork tucked in pillows of freshly baked bread, takes genius to a whole new level. The Bourgeois Pig is an unexpectedly delicious treat made with house-smoked bacon chilli jam, mini brioche and mascarpone. Just a heads up though, the dish is rather sweet and may not appeal to those who prefer spicy food.

boston butt

New Orleans Style BBQ Shrimp
If 'savoury' and 'succulent' are your two favourite food alliterations, you've arrived at the right dish. The New Orleans Style BBQ Shrimp is every bit as delicious as it sounds and works as standing proof that you can’t go wrong with an ingredient list of butter, shrimp and spice. This dish is ‘shrimp-ly perfect’.

boston butt

7-Hour Low And Slow Smoked Pork Ribs
Fully cooked in their own sauce, these smoked pork ribs are incredibly juicy and tender. After a 24-hour marination and a 7-hour cook-time, we bet you're not going to be saying "fast food" for a very long time. This is an absolute must-try if you’re a ribs person!

boston butt

Tl;dr: You know you're at a good eatery when the leftover food is not your only takeaway. Excellent service, delicious food, signature cocktails and a great vibe is what makes this place an absolute must-visit in my books. 

Here’s the rate card:
Food: 4.5 out of 5
Drinks: 4 out of 5
Ambience: 4 out of 5
Staff: 4.5 out of 5
Value for money: 3.5 out of 5

*Drink Responsibly