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2y ago

Our Picks For The Best Coffee Places In Bengaluru Just For You

Saylee Padwal
Because, coffee cuddles are kaafi awesome!

In search of a great way to start the day, a quick afternoon bite, or a light snack, coffee shops are always ready to accommodate.

And for those looking for a robust cup of coffee, a good coffee shop is never far away. Added bonus? They offer the right balance of ambiance, free Wi-Fi, and irresistible desserts.

Go on a caffeine-induced adventure as you skim through our handy list of the city’s best!

With some of the best brews, these coffee shops in the city are ideal for leisurely days spent reading or doing work outside the office.

Third Wave Coffee Roasters, Koramangala 4th Block

Sure, Third Wave offers smoothie bowls, bagels, poutines, and even a keto salad, but the real beauty of the cafe lies in its coffee. The manual brew coffee here is done in six ways – Aeropress, Chemex, French Press, Syphon, Pour Over, and Iced Pour Over. If you’re more into cappuccinos, try the La Vie En Rose with rosewater, cardamom and organic honey – yum!

I GOAT Your Back: Give the Liege Waffle a try or settle in at a table with a cup of the latest entrant on the menu – the Pomegranate Cold Brew.


Matteo Coffea, Church Street

In-the-know students and coffee fans head to Church Street for a taste of Bengaluru’s famed Matteo Coffea. The café prides itself on its inviting ambience, great coffee and light snacks. Since October 2010, it’s been offering attentive service and premium blends while taking the humble cup to new heights.

I GOAT Your Back: Make sure you try the ice blended Caramel Shakerato with chilled espresso, ice cream, milk, caramel sauce at this ‘Home Of The Shekaratos’.


Lavonne, Indiranagar

Lavonne appeals to coffee aficionados. An academy run by, and for, people who are passionate about baking, it also doubles up as a bake shop! Managed by the institute’s students, the café serves unforgettable desserts along with burgers, sandwiches, pasta and more. The menu pairs classic European dishes with their chefs’ unique creations, tweaked, perfected, and made using the freshest of ingredients. The Chocolate Banana Muffin and Fig Danish come highly recommended.

I GOAT Your Back: The balcony here is a good place to get work done or catch up with friends.

Our Picks For The Best Coffee Places In Bengaluru Just For You

DYU Art Café, Koramangala 5th Block

What was once an old bungalow, DYU Café is the most Instagramable café in this list. If its cool architectural style and shelves full of books don’t entice you, their all-day breakfast menu surely will. There’s a ton of food here (with really good quantity), the service is friendly, and they make some quality coffee. Feel at home in this artsy, hidden gem of Koramangala.

I GOAT Your Back: If you’re a budding artist, they’ll gladly have you showcase your art on their rustic walls.

Our Picks For The Best Coffee Places In Bengaluru Just For You

Café Max, Indiranagar

Housed in the roof-top space of the Geothe Institut at Max Muller Bhavan, Café Max dishes out brilliant German and Bavarian dishes. While offering a stunning view of Indiranagar, it also aims to please with its selection of desserts and of course, coffee. In the morning, don’t miss out on the Nürnberger Frühstück, or the Sausages Breakfast. Overall, this is a nice, comfortable space you must-visit.

I GOAT Your Back: The Latte Macchiato with three layers of coffee pairs well with the Zesty Lemon Pie.

Our Picks For The Best Coffee Places In Bengaluru Just For You

Image Credits: @thirdwaveroasters, hungryforever, tripoto, zomato