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Come take a walk on the south Asian side

Nestled in the lanes of Colaba Causeway is a two-storied bungalow that houses Miss T. In the day time, you’d pass it off as another vintage SoBo house that fits dreamily in this old world neighbourhood. But walk the street after sunset and you’ll be instantly drawn to this restaurant lit up with lanterns and an air of elegance. 

miss t

Miss T looks like a cosy cove on the outside and is no different inside. The interior is a mix of blue velvet chairs and sleek marble countertops that stand out in the restaurant’s comfortably dim décor. The setting is just right for an intimate meal and the menu is just perfect when you want to get a taste of South East Asia. 

Meals O’clock At Miss T
The menu is divided in three parts—Brunch, Lunch and Dinner. Each has a separate cocktail and food section that serves dishes inspired from the Golden Triangle - Thailand, Laos, Burma and Vietnam. A refreshing break from the current Asian favourites, sushi and baos.

miss t


Burmese Tea Leaf Salad
A flavourful salad prepared from fermented tea leaves, crunchy broad beans and mixed nuts. For a vegetarian salad, this one was not loaded with veggies, just a whole bunch of crunch and flavour. We approve!

miss t


Crispy Netted Vegetable Rolls
A classic Vietnamese preparation, this dish will transport you to the food streets of Hanoi. The rolls are perfectly made with seasonal vegetables rolled inside a netted rice paper and fried to a crisp. This is served with a soy and lemon dip that adds a zing to the dish.

miss t


Drinks O’clock At Miss T
The cocktail menu takes a little inspiration from their very own kitchen. The handcrafted cocktails are created with Asian ingredients that might seem perfect in your food but surprising in your drinks. From ghost watermelon, to celery-infused vodka, gin with an in-house kaffir lime tincture, coconut water and milk, they make for an interesting cocktail concoction. 

Tanqueray Gin with house-made dry vermouth, ghost watermelon, orange bitters and lemon zest are mixed together to make this cocktail. The botanicals of the gin are right in sync with the other ingredients leaving behind a refreshing herby aftertaste. Each sip of this drink is a pleasant reminder of what South Asian cuisine tastes like.

​miss t


Espresso Martini
Espresso Martini is a cocktail dessert in itself. Coffee liqueur and vodka never fail to impress but the secret ingredient that makes all the difference to this mixed drink is Baileys Irish Cream. That’s what you call a real treat.

miss t


tl;dr? I GOAT You
When in South Bombay, do like the SoBos do and check out this hotspot where everyone’s getting their dose of South Asian cuisine.

*Drink Responsibly!