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Lesser-Known Eateries In Kolkata That Are Paisa Vasool

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Some may say that Kolkata is stuck in a time warp, but we beg to differ. There is a certain charm and magic this city possesses which no other city has to offer. The magic amplifies to another level when it comes to food. From its roshogullas and sondesh to its macher jhol, there is something to please every taste bud. 
Here are our few precious finds of lesser-known eateries that will take your soul through a joyous ride.

1. Tasty Corner, Ballygunge
Located near the South Point School, this place is a favourite hangout for many locals. The exceptional taste of their Kachoris and the Chutney has not changed at all in the last decade. You’ll be floored with their large variety of sweets on display and great savoury options. 

We GOAT Your Back: Their Club Kachori with Aloo Dum and a glass of Tasty Corner Special Lassi.

Wealth of Food

2. Raj Spanish Café, New Market Area
This is a cosy little café where most backpackers chill. You may have a tough time locating the café but the ambience and the European feel here will be a heart-warming surprise. We recommend visiting this place in the evening if you want to try their wood-fired pizzas.

We GOAT Your Back: Their Insalata Pasta with Café Bombon.

Food Network

3. Solid Gulp (Bapi Dar Momo), Salt Lake
A small shack near the Karunamoyee bus stop, this place is famous for its Asian and Tibetan spread. Open only from 5 pm to 8:30 pm in the evenings, you will always find a large crowd. Make sure you reach early to experience their legendary food.

We GOAT Your Back: Their Chicken Momos and Chicken Pakoras.

Scoop Whoop

4. Paramount Sherbats and Syrups, College Street
Paramount is one of the oldest beverage shops in the city which celebrated its 100th anniversary last year. As soon as you step into the café, it transports you to the old-world culture. With the onset of summers, Paramount is a great place to quench your thirst. 

We GOAT Your Back:  Their wide range of innovative Sherbets.



5. Bon Appetit, Salt Lake
Bon Appetit is a cute little café situated at a walking distance from the Lake Town footbridge. It is one of those places where you have to stand in a queue to place your order, but it’s really worth all the wait. The locals love it for the ambience and some amazing desserts on the menu. 

We GOAT Your Back: Their Chocolate Avalanche and Chilly Cheese Sandwich.

Just Dial

5. Street Stall at Tiretta Bazar 
If you are in the mood for some authentic Chinese food, you should head to Tiretta Bazar. There are many stalls along the street for you to pick from. Visit the popular stall called “Uncle and Aunty” which is run by an old couple who are famous for their Baos and Dumplings.

We GOAT Your Back: We literally love everything, ranging from Fishball Soups, Breaded Pork to Sticky Rice and Sesame Sweet Balls.

India Times

Do let us know your experience if you happen to visit any of these slurp-worthy places!


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