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You have got to visit this place once!
Who run the world? Do I even need to answer the question now? It’s girls, and not just because Beyoncé said so!
Proving the theory right is Invincible Boudoir & Jardin, the latest entrant in Bandra’s swanky party scene. Mumbai’s first boudoir-themed resto-lounge, it literally means ‘A private room for ladies’.
But apart from offering a cosy and intimate setting for its women patrons, making it perfect for Ladies Night, Invincible is also helmed by a team of female chefs Sunaeyaa Kapur and Shweta Menon, while mixologist Mariki Sayles takes over the bar!
Talk about girl power, yo.
Serving a mix of Pan-Asian and European cuisines, Invincible chooses to be the place where a woman has the chance to be herself; simply unapologetic of who she is.
And all seriousness aside, it has a playful vibe, is easy to locate amidst Mumbai’s busy traffic, and has a menu that could make your whole gang of girls happy. A total win-win situation for a girly night out, I say!
Oh, and the men reading this needn’t feel left out, cause here’s the catch. You can enter the Boudoir but only if you’re with a female companion.
So, before you start making your reservations for tonight, here’s a handy little rundown of what you can expect at the boudoir.

Detox, Retox
Coming to the cocktails, this simple yet, tantalising concoction of Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch Whisky, coconut water, cucumber, and curry leaves, this stunning sipper was Invincible’s version of liquid sunshine. Served in a classy flute, it was smooth on the palate and paired well with most of the food I’d ordered. A treat for Scotch lovers, with the goodness of coconut water!

Credits: Saylee Padwal
Crunchy Chicken Poppers
These are quite unlike anything you’ve been served before, both taste and presentation-wise, and come topped with a generous serving of coconut milk, cinnamon and curry leaf béchamel. Make sure you order a plate.

Credits: Saylee Padwal

Classic Chicken Pesto Salad
The chicken is juicy and I’m a big fan of the fluffy quinoa, and toasty pine nuts that come with it. The pesto sauce adds a creamy, herby flavour to the dish and goes perfectly with the slow cooked meat.

Madame Butterfly
This sensual Tanqueray-based gin cocktail is accentuated with apricot brandy, matcha, and topped with a floral honey foam. Garnished with an orchid flower, its flavours are sweet and intense at the same time, owing to the dash of aromatic matcha. Lip-smacking and absolutely recommended.
Credits: Saylee Padwal
Tender Pork Spare Ribs
Sure, it’s a dish that’s as dated as fries, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be delicious! Invincible does its own version by prettying it up with edible flowers and dousing it with a house-made secret BBQ sauce. Pig out on this one!
Bailey’s Parfait
The indulgent Bailey’s-infused parfait at Invincible is apparently their best-seller. And I am not one to disagree. It's rich, flavourful and packs a ton of flavours with the ice-cream and crumby biscuit base! What else could your sweet tooth ask for?

Credits: Saylee Padwal
Str Bck
While I usually love finding coffee in my cocktail, this Smirnoff vodka creation was topped with cold brew, 5 spice cordial, salted coconut, and chilli. Bitter-sweet to taste, it’s the chilli that gave the recipe a brilliant twist, turning it into a sensory experience. It’s rich, layered, and a good way to end things.

Credits: Saylee Padwal

tl;dr? I GOAT You!
Invincible Bourdoir & Jardin checks all the boxes for girls’ night out. Think of everything you want in a resto-lounge - comfy couches, shareable plates, and deliciously sippable cocktails. Now add great music and funky décor to the mix, and it’s easy to understand why I chose to party here last Friday night. So, get dressed up and plan to share some appetising appetizers over cocktails with your friends here.
But, don’t forget to drink responsibly!

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