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It’s Friday Night And We Feelin’ So Fly At Butterfly High!

Saylee Padwal
You know what no one ever complains about? Bar food!

A good plate of chicken tikka or nachos unites us all. That’s why BKC’s Butterfly High is a good place to keep in mind whether you’re catching up with a buddy you haven’t met in years, or going for a quick dinner, drink, and dance sesh on Friday. No matter who you’re with – it’s literally a one bar that fits all!

Come here with friends (your fun ones, not the ones that don’t tap their feet to Ed Sheeran), get two servings of everything you order (so that you don’t end a friendship fighting over it), and have a great time.

But before you fly high on this Butterfly’s wings, here’s a list of my favourites. Take notes!

You know what happens when Smirnoff No 21 Vodka and Baileys Irish Cream come together? A pairing that is my latest OTP! Apart from being indulgent and tasty, it’ll also gather you a few hundred likes on Instagram, ha!
butterfly high


Smoked Rozali Kebab
There are two types of people in the world – ones who love kebabs, and the ones who love stuffed kebabs. I definitely fall in the latter category, especially when the kebabs are stuffed with kheema, cheese, and served on a smoky platter. Perf!
butterfly high


Exotic Crispy Veg Bao
If you have a vegetarian in tow, don’t worry – Butterfly High does some pretty good veg dishes. It’s by the same owners as Shiv Sagar after all! The Exotic Crispy Veg Bao is spicy, crunchy and very filling, regardless of whether you’re giving meat a miss or not.
butterfly high


Pulled Jackfruit Nachos, Monterey Jack Cheese
Way different than your regular order of Nachos, these have BBQ tossed jackfruit pieces in them along with beans, salsa, and sour cream. Well portioned and delish.
butterfly high


The Billionaire Cocktail
When Bruno Mars sang about being a Billionaire, little did he know that years down the line, I would be drinking one. Made with Johnnie Walker Black Label, angostura bitters, lime, grenadine and pomegranate, this smooth and pleasantly sweet cocktail had me going all ‘heart eye emoji’.  
butterfly high


Chicken Ghee Roast 
Served with crunchy papad bits, this revamped version of Ghee Roast is simple to look at but a burst of flavours on the palate. The meat is tender and heavy on spice, as it should be, which makes it my favourite appetizer on the menu.
butterfly high


Mario’s Discovery
There’s always mush-room left for dessert when it comes to me, and this dessert made it worthwhile! Inspired by Mario’s love for fungi, the dessert has cute little meringue mushrooms with white chocolate stalks, placed on molten brownie soil. Did I end up wiping my plate clean? Your guess is as good as mine *giggles*
butterfly high


tl;dr? I GOAT You
Given that Butterfly High is located in a busy BKC tower and sandwiched between popular eateries, it still manages to make a mark. With shareable food, fail-safe cocktails, and weekend nights that keep you on your feet, it serves its purpose of being a must-visit resto-bar.

*Drink Responsibly