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Is seafood your soul food too? Then, here’s a glimpse of the most epic festival ever!

I grew up in places like Goa and Karwar, so, when I heard about the Versova seafood festival I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Seriously, I love seafood! I’m not a pro at cooking it. But since I’m away from home, I try, but there’s something missing (taste maybe) So, yes, this festival was a big deal for me. 

Organised by the Koli community (the fishermen) it aims at introducing the Koli culture to people and also to increase the income of the community. This festival is loads of fun! Filled with lip-smacking seafood dishes, games, cultural sessions and dance. This is one of the most popular festivals and attracts nearly 30 thousand people every year! I know, I know it's too much crowd, but trust me, it’s totally worth it! The buffet-style tables, the performances by the Koli community and the vibe is something you CANNOT miss.

Seafood festival
Credits: Awara

Be it Mumbai ka uber famous bombil or king prawns, this festival has it all. Okay, let me list out some of my favourites for you: lobsters, surmai, shellfish, mackerel, basa, pomfret and sardines. Okay, looks like I loved almost all of it. I think I overate, but no regrets. It’s just a 3 day festival after all. Apparently, these are caught 2 hours before serving and that’s why it tastes so fresh and so yum! 

Seafood festival
Credits: Awara

The fish is prepared live in front of people with authentic Koli recipes. The range of dishes is vast inclusive of fried, grilled, curried fish along with fish pakodas, cutlets, spicy sukkas etc. So, all your seafood cravings are put to rest here! Okay, I’m still drooling.

Seafood festival
Credits: Awara

Apart from the variants, there are also sol kadi (It’s like they knew I was going to visit) and cold drinks sold at the venue. 

Sol kadi

Depending on the kind of fish served, the prices range from  ₹100 to ₹550 and more. The only thing that I wasn't a fan of is that there are some stalls which do not have a fixed rate, they quote as they wish. So, a day before going to the festival, go to Hill road and practice your bargaining skills.

I even parcelled some mackerel fry home, opened a bottle of Black and White and called my friends over. Overall, the Versova seafood festival was a wonderful experience and it was totally worth it!

*Drink Responsibly!


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