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You’ll Sing Along, You’ll Sway And You’ll Tap Your Feet At A Prateek Kuhad Concert

I still remember the day when I heard that Prateek Kuhad is going to be on a Winter Tour. I was munching on a pack of chips then, I kept it aside and quickly booked my tickets! Yeah, when it comes to food, I’m like Joey. So, you know, keeping food aside to do something, means it’s a very big deal! 

The 18th of December, 2019 will never be forgotten. That’s the day when I had an experience to remember. I know, I sound a bit over the top, but it’s true, catching Prateek Kuhad live was one of the best experiences of my life.
I mean, what’s not to like about his music?  Every song carries so much meaning, the lyrics are so beautifully written, it’s like my thoughts finally found words and he penned it down with the most soul-stirring music possible.

prateek  kuhad

The concert began around 8.00 PM and I think the whole of Mumbai was gathered in Juhu that day (Okay, I exaggerated a little) but it was packed. The minute I saw him on stage, I could hear the crowd cheer, I could feel the excitement, the rush, the vibe, it was something else! 

prateek kuhad

He opened with a first favourite song of mine...can you take a guess? Well, okay let me sing it out for you, I know you’ll sing along too, so here it goes, “Do you have a hundred words for me? Cause I have only three” Yep, a hundred words... just the right song to get us in that ‘Prateek Kuhad mood’ and with that love and all kinds of feelings were in the air (along with some confetti)

The audience were singing along, humming the tunes and some of them even teared up. The songs kept coming, and he also introduced a new song, I forgot its name though it’ll be out soon so don’t you worry. He also performed a duet with Ankur Tewari! Seeing these two together was like finding aloo in my biryani. I loved it! 

prateek kuhad

And finally, like all good things, this evening had come to an end with the song that was an earworm for almost a year,  I’m listening to it as I’m writing this article. The song is called Cold Mess ( Okay, teared up for this one) Everything about this song is truly beautiful. 

If I were Prateek Kuhad, I’d find the right words to describe this for sure. But, since I’m not so good at describing how I feel about this song, I’m just going to sing my favourite line from it “I’d sing you to sleep, if you were mine to keep” so heartwarming, isn’t it? 

Overall, I loved the experience. It was the much-needed mid-week break I was looking for. And if you missed this soulful experience, don't worry. You can always log on to Spotify until the next concert.


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