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Head To These Board Game Cafes For Some Snakes and Lattes

Vanessa Luis
It’s literally all fun and games at these cafes.

Raise your hands if you spent half your childhood waiting for a 6 when playing Ludo. Yup, we’ve all been there and fretted over the game of dice. Those were the days when life was all about fun and games.

Now, it may seem like a long time ago but honestly, all it takes is scoring a “10-pointer alphabet like Q” in Scrabble to remind you of the small joys of board gaming.

You’re never too old to unapologetically enjoy a board game or two or 400. So, gather your friends and treat yourselves to a board game served up with a side of coffee at these board game cafes.  

Creeda Board Game Café, Mumbai
If you can’t decide which game you want to play from the 200 odd board games at this café, we totally understand. Yup, you heard that right! This café offers you 200 board games including a good 100 games you’ve probably never heard of.
Image Credit: Zomato

Dice N Dine, Bengaluru
If you thought 200 board games was a huge collection, wait till you check out this café in Bengaluru that has over 400 games! From classics like Scrabble and Pictionary that we’ve been playing all our lives to some European favourites like The Settlers of Catan, Puerto Rico and Ticket to Ride, they have them all.  
Image Credit: Zomato

Café Wanderlust, Delhi
Having a great collection of board games is necessary but sometimes décor can be important when setting the mood too. The quirky décor of this café makes for the ultimate chill place to hang out with your buddies. 

Image Credit: Zomato

Cafe ICanFlyy, Kolkata
This café is what your childhood dreams were made of. Apart from a heap of board games lined up invitingly, they also have carrom and foosball. Plus, the cold coffee here is so good it’ll make you go, “Ami tomake bhalobashi” instantly.
Image Credit: Zomato

The Board Room, Chennai
After a boring day at the office, gather your gang and head to The Board Room for a more fun meeting. Here you can enjoy a cup of cappuccino and a game of Jenga or Uno or any of the other 250 games from their collection.  
Image Credit: Zomato

Whether you’re in your milkshake drinking days or your Singleton whisky sipping years, head to these cafés unapologetically for a good board game session.

*Drink Responsibly!


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