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They’re as fun to drink as they are to look at!

Alcohol, bitters and everything nice, these are the “not-so” secret ingredients to make a good cocktail. But, you know what makes a good cocktail a real showstopper? A little theatrics, some showmanship and an eye- catching presentation! 

That’s what makes a well- crafted cocktail not just a superb sip but an Instagram post that will forever be remembered on your timeline.

Bartenders across the country have come up with some of the most dramatic mechanisms and unusual cocktail serving ideas. And, here are some of the most hatke one’s we’ve seen. 

Desert Storm - Bayroute, Mumbai

The first most drink making a dramatic entry on our list is the Desert Storm. Made with Johnnie Walker Black Label whisky and shaken with gulkand, this one is served in a cocktail glass that’s placed inside an actual vintage-looking cupboard! 


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Over the rainbow, into the typhoon - Typhoon Shelter, Mumbai

This is the signature cocktail at Typhoon Shelter. The cocktail mix and creative vessel it’s served in has a beautiful story that’s related to the theme of the restaurant. The broken egg tikki glass beautifully represents a disaster after a typhoon. What’s more interesting is that this cocktail was among the top 10 cocktails at the World Class 2019, a cocktail competition hosted by Diageo.  



Water Of Life - Thirsty City 127, Mumbai

Here’s another World Class cocktail on the list. Staying true to its “sustainability” theme, this eco-friendly cocktail combines Ketel One, coconut sugar, homemade wine using coconut meat and water, all of which is put together and smoked with cacao & coconut husk in a hand-carved coconut shell. This cocktail uses every part of the coconut and leaves zero waste. 



Heart Of Gold - ShakesBierre, Bengaluru

This radiant drink made with vodka, mango and passion fruit is served up in a bulb-looking glass that represents the bar’s vintage vibe. Don’t you agree?


Two Lost Souls Swimming In A Fish Bowl - Social, Across All Cities 

Social has a knack of getting “being quirky” right. From their cocktail presentation to the naming, they like to stand out. This cocktail is Social’s version of a Margarita with a funky addition of beer, as you can see. 



Shinigami, Dragonfly Experience, Delhi and Mumbai

Is it a fly, is it a dragonfly? Nope, it’s a cocktail that’s so FLY! This signature drink is a mix of gin-infused passion fruit, Japanese Shochu and plum wine and is served in a unique glass that will get heads turning for sure. 



Storm Trooper - Younion, Mumbai
Younion is one of the newest bars that’s all about pop culture. The most popular cocktail on their menu is the Storm Trooper. It is a large cocktail served in a bowl with a Storm Trooper helmet. This one’s like a community bowl, so your whole gang can sip on it. 



Popcorn Collins - The Lords and Barons, Kolkata 
This cocktail creation sure knows how to “pop” out among the rest. It’s a fun take on the classic vodka collins and is every bit delicious.  


If you’re around these bars, give these cocktails a chance to impress your taste buds and everyone on your Instagram feed. 

*Drink Responsibly!


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