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Hello there burbies, you no longer have to crib about traveling ALL THE WAY to Kamala Mills to hang out at the awesome London Taxi. Lower Parel’s most popular gastropub just opened its doors to its second venue right in the heart of the suburbs, in Khar.

Now, if you’ve done the brave thing and already travelled far and wide to experience a little London in Mumbai, you’re already familiar with the bar’s unique appeal. For the rest of you who don’t know about it, this place is known to bring alive all your London dreams through its ambience, food and cocktails.

The new outlet in Khar tries to recreate the same vibe, though in a smaller but cosier space.

Postcard Worthy Décor?
I walked in at 6pm on a Thursday night into a bright pub lit up with an array of old school bulbs. The walls were covered with an interesting set of photo frames that caught my attention. One was a picture of a typical London style red bus, the other a wallpaper of the British bowler hat and so on. There was another wall decorated with a picture of what resembled a queen too.

London Taxi Khar ambiance

So, what did I think about it? 

This one’s definitely nothing like it’s Lower Parel outlet. It’s quite minimalistic and does not overdo the theme. Yet, it seems like a pleasant atmosphere to toast to a great gin and tonic after a long day at work. 

God Bless the Food and Cocktails!
The infamous Mumbai’s winter called for a quick thirst-quencher as the temperatures soared. So, my first drink of choice was right out of their LT Gin & Tonic section. Like they say, when in London… 

LT’s Lavender Gin And Tonic
When I ordered this drink, I was looking for something cool but what I got was so much more refreshing. Made with Tanqueray gin and tonic, this cocktail has an added flavour of lavender and butterfly pea syrup with a dash of bitters.

Tanqueray Lavender gin & tonic at london taxi khar

If I wasn’t already a G&T kinda girl, I would have converted to one on my first sip.

Next, I was all set to find out what the food menu had to offer. This menu is curated by a Michelin Star experienced Chef Nagraj Bhat. One look at it and I could tell the food here was all about European cuisine with a touch of desiness or the opposite, where Indian food had a hint of a London-ess. 

Keep reading to know what I mean… 

Mushroom Galouti On Brioche
The flavours of galouti is usually well-reserved for a non-vegetarian kebab but seeing it paired with mushroom got me interested. Then, when the dish came served on a brioche bread, I couldn’t help but drool. Somehow it retained the earthy flavours of the mushroom while blending in the unique textures of a galouti that came together in this melt-in the-mouth veg kebab.  

My verdict: YUM!

Mushroom galouti kebab at london taxi khar

Shepherd's Pie
Could there be a more English dish on the menu! The Shepherd’s Pie ticked all the right checkpoints. It had slow braised lamb mince mixed with aromatic vegetables and topped with some utterly-buttery potato mmm-mash. You get me, don’t you! This was served with a side of salad and warm artisan bread.

Shepherd's pie food at london taxi khar

Sherlock In A Pickle
Sherlock might have been in a pickle, but I had no problem when deciding what to pick as my next drink. This savoury cocktail claimed to have all of Sherlock’s favourite ingredients. Right from Earl grey infused vodka, an in-house beetroot wine reduction, rose syrup, fresh sweet lime juice and pickled gherkins, this was a strange but delicious mix of a cocktail. 

The presentation was just as interesting. Wouldn’t you agree?

Sherlock in a pickle cocktail at london taxi khar
Belgian Dark Chocolate And Whisky Mousse
Who would have thought whisky makes for a great ingredient not only in my cocktail but also in my dessert. The Belgian dark chocolate and whisky mousse will have you salivating at one look. And a bite, well, that’s a pure nirvana-esque moment. If this dessert is a sin, consider me a sinner for life.

belgian dark chocolate and whisky mousse dessert at london taxi khar
tl;dr? I GOAT You!
While the Lower Parel outlet might have its large space and South Bombay vibe, the London Taxi in Khar is a cosy cove you can head to for a lazy dinner. They’re soon to start a brunch menu too, so there’s more to look forward to.

Food: 5 out of 5
Drinks: 5 out of 5
Ambience: 4 out of 5
Staff: 5 out of 5
Value for money: 5 out of 5

*Drink Responsibly!


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