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When music creates a great atmosphere, but the food hits the right notes, too.

Reviews should be honest, so I’ll go first. The only time you will hear me saying “I love jazz” is when I’m trying to impress my boss. In between the ‘baa dum tiss’ of it all I know there’s a lot that I’m missing out on.

But for those lucky few who enjoy the genre, we have some exciting news: You can finally stop dragging your non-jazz-loving friends to those intimidating concerts and invite them to the Bluebop Cafe at Khar, Mumbai instead. I must say that dining at this jazz restaurant was a very different experience than what one would expect from the usual nightlife in Mumbai.

bluebop cafe

Jazz I was saying, in a city with relatively little mainstream exposure to jazz, Bluebop comes across as one of the few spots that promise the ‘New’ from New York. The interiors are cosy and intimate, with two types of seating arrangements—one that’s closer to the band than the other. 

Now if you happen to like busy bars and booming restaurants, this place wouldn’t be the right fit. But, everyone needs a cosy evening or a wind-down session with their pals, and voilà! Bluebop cafe with its live jazz performances and American-Italian cuisine, is just the right nook for that. And on that note, we head to the dishes on their menu that certainly struck the right chords.

Classic Eggnog
A classic eggnog is a once-in-a-year affair. So there were no surprises that this would be our first pick from the festive menu. This delicious blend of Johnnie Walker Black Label, egg, milk, cream and sugar is why I will remain ‘team winter’ for life. It is warm, sweet, creamy and possibly the only drink I would exchange my cup of hot chocolate for. 

bluebop cafe

Mozzarella Balloon Salad
I’m not going to burst your bubble on this one. The Mozzarella Balloon Salad is not just IG profile-worthy but also incredibly palate-friendly too. Confit cherry tomatoes, pesto sauce, crunchy greens and pillows of cheese make this salad as interesting as a salad can get. Trust us, it’s worth a shot.

bluebop cafe

Citrus Spritzer
The Citrus Spritzer was a combination of Smirnoff vodka, citrus spiced rose syrup and sparkling wine. Unlike the eggnog, it was a light and breezy cocktail that would have been perfectly paired with a hot summer breeze. Throw in a brunch with friends and a live jazz performance and I think this drink would fit right in.

bluebop cafe

Christmas Spaghetti Carbonara
Tis’ the season to be twistin’ your fork into a wholesome serving of spaghetti carbonara. This festive menu special, features pulled turkey, carbonara sauce and parmesan cheese. A creamy and delectable delight, the dish brings alive the American-Italian influence of the cafe’s theme.

bluebop cafe

BLT Sandwich
I will always think of the BLT as the greatest sandwich ever made, with each ingredient complementing the other. The BLT at Bluebop comes served with the usual hero ingredients of bacon, lettuce and tomatoes in a hot dog bun along with the sweet zing of berry compote and crispy potato wedges on the side. A wholesome bite overall, this one is nothing fancy, just delicious.

bluebop cafe

Would you believe me if I told you that ‘tiramisu’ in Italian either means ‘carry me up’ or ‘cheer me up’? This delightful dessert is served with layers of creamy mascarpone cheese, the dust of coffee powder and a wine biscuit. An absolute treat for your taste buds, the trouble with this dish is not carrying it up, but putting it down.

bluebop cafe

And we’re stuffed!

Tl;dr? We’ve GOAT your back:
A perfect place for your wind-down session with friends, Bluebop cafe offers all kinds of favourites from Italian and American cuisines. The food, mood and drinks make it easy to pin this one as the perfect neighbourhood restaurant you would want around the corner. The kind that leaves you feeling like you’re about to have a good time. With live jazz performances on the weekends, this cafe is one you ought to keep your eyes on. 

Here’s the rate card
Food: 4 out of 5
Cocktails: 4 out of 5
Ambience: 4 out of 5
Staff: 5 out of 5
Value for money: 4 out of 5

*Drink Responsibly


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