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Gastronomica is perfect for a cosy soiree on a winter day.

From the open deck to wooden interiors, Gastronomica paints a pretty and delectable picture in the middle of the shopping season.

Nestled between a couple of lifestyle stores, and perched on the second floor that you can reach through a wooden stairway, Gastronomica is your ideal hang out if you like pretty food, cool vibes and lively music!
After a nice, long (and expensive because of all the shopping) walk around M-block, we decided to go check out the place. 

When in Delhi during winter, you must consciously choose to eat at an open-air deck – to enjoy the weather and to relish what you eat before the weather gets to it.
We took in the polite warmth the sun was trying to give us (and failing) while basking in the teal-wood-and-white setup. I immediately asked for the bar menu to order something to go along with this amazing weather. 

Blueberry and Basil Old Fashioned
‘Sugar, spice and everything nice’ only just begins to describe this drink! The sweetness of blueberries, the smoothness of a Johnny Walker Double Black Whisky and their inhouse bitters blended beautifully to give me this lovely rich red drink. It was pleasant and smooth, and a-basil-loutely refreshing.


Papad Paneer Tikka
Papad and paneer? Sure, why not? Even if you like papad and paneer on their own, I wouldn’t recommend this as a combination! The dish tasted like paneer tikka wrapped up in a crispy puri. Though a cute starter, I think it wasn’t nearly memorable enough. If you don’t mind trying out unconventional foods, then this one’s for you.


Kiss From The Rose
Anything is said to be pretty in pink. Imagine thinking of dressing up gin and tonic with rose water, lime and rose syrup. This signature cocktail did just that with Tanqueray gin. If you’re up for a little experimentation this paints a rosy picture and tastes just as nice.


Lamb Galouti
Melt-in-the-mouth, delectable, well-spiced and so well-made that I took a second to relish it after I took the first bite. It was well rounded over all taste punctuated with a lingering pungent aftertaste.


The sun had only just set and the warmth from the burners made us want to linger around a little longer. So, we went ahead and ordered some more.

Lavender and Litchi Collins
Served in a tall glass, this drink was a burst of flavour and colour for me. Smirnoff vodka, lavender and litchi are the signature ingredients, however, our indulgent bartender spruced it up with pineapple and pomegranate too. How all of these flavours worked together, I do not know... but they worked! If you’re up for a fruity vodka soda, this is a must try.


Chicken 65 Seekh Kebab
Inserting indie style Chinese flavour into traditional chicken sheekh kebab, the chicken 65 seekh kebab is unique. It was well cooked, and appreciable while eaten with their zesty sauce and lime. It tasted like a heavily spiced flame grilled chicken sausage kebab. All in all, if you’re a chicken person, you’ll like it. 


Warm Brownie with Vanilla ice cream
By the end of the evening, all cuddly and sated, we got dessert! -There is always room for dessert. A warmed brownie topped with ice cream and drizzles of chocolate sauce is probably the best way to end a fantastic evening with lots of good food, yummy cocktails and a ton of fun that we had to drag ourselves out of there.


It’s a pretty happening place with live band sessions, well presented food and even then, there is still room for conversations. It isn’t too loud and the ambience livens up the place while using calming muted colours. Go for the cocktails, the tikkas and that lamb galouti. You will enjoy it. 

Rate Card
Food: 3.5 out of 5
Drinks: 4 out of 5
Ambience: 4 out of 5
Staff: 4.5 out of 5
Value for money: 3.5 out of 5

*Drink Responsibly!